Industrial Tour to “Sapphire Finishing Mills”

An industrial excursion was undertaken on November 14, 2023 to “Sapphire Finishing Mills” in the guidance of Ms. Amina Hameed, Assistant Professor (Management Sciences), proved to be an exceedingly valuable and enlightening experience for BBA’s entire cohort, who are currently immersed in the study of Human Resources as part of their eighth semester curriculum. The visit provided a unique opportunity to witness practical applications of the theoretical knowledge students’ have acquired throughout their studies. Upon arrival, students received a warm welcome and a brief orientation that offered insights into the operations of Sapphire, including an overview of their HR structure. The highlight of the tour was the visit to their production site, where students observed the impressive automation in fabric manufacturing. The detailed explanation of their production process, encompassing departments such as Pre-Heatment, Dyeing, and Finishing, was particularly enlightening.

Following the industrial insights, students were treated to a delicious lunch in a designated area. The hospitality extended was commendable, and the overall experience enhanced understanding of HR practices in a real-world setting. Students enthusiastically asked many questions related to HR. Students seized the opportunity to capture some memorable moments through photographs before bidding a fond farewell to the hosts. This excursion has undoubtedly enriched practical understanding of HR dynamics, and students are ready to look to incorporate these learnings into their academic pursuits. Few pics are given below: