1st position CUI LHR's BBA students French language Francophonie Contest 2023

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you about the extraordinary success achieved by the students of BBA (FA21) at CUI, Lahore, in the prestigious Francophonie contest 2023, titled "Concours de la Francophonie 2023" - "Dessine-moi la planète" (Draw me the planet). This contest, jointly organized by the embassies of Belgium, France, and Switzerland, along with the High Commission of Canada in Pakistan, was designed for students and pupils learning the French language as part of their educational journey.
This year's theme for Category 3 was "My planet in comics" - "Climate change under our eyes." Participants were asked to create a comic strip that not only showcases their proficiency in the French language but also sheds light on the adverse impacts of climate change. The emphasis was placed on illustrating effective strategies for mitigating these impacts and promoting the efficient utilization of renewable energy resources to resolve the challenges posed by climate change.
From the platform of the Energy Research Centre (ERC), students were exposed to the burning issue of climate change, which they skillfully portrayed in their comic strip entries, exhibiting their remarkable talent and linguistic capabilities.
I am excited to announce that the following students of BBA (FA21) at CUI, Lahore, have achieved an impressive milestone by securing the 1st position in an international contest among 15 universities: (Please find the attachments/students & comic strip)

  1. Ms. Mah Noor Chaudhary (FA21-BBA-039)
  2. Ms. Nawaal Mir (FA21-BBA-065)
  3. Mr. Ali Shahzad (FA21-BBA-035)
    1. In recognition of their remarkable achievement, our first-place winners will be awarded with exclusive prizes and FLE (Française Langue Etranger) scholarships during an esteemed award ceremony scheduled to take place at the French embassy in September 2023. My heartfelt congratulations to these exceptionally talented students and the entire CUI LHR community.