Pak- UK Fellowship Program

Through this collaborative agreement and fellowship program it is aimed to develop Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine to improve the health conditions of the people of Pakistan. This program has been initiated by selecting 5 PAK/UK Fellow Researchers from IRCBM who are working with world leading Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Academics from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Kroto Research Institute, The University of Sheffield for 2 years.

The Research Fellows are working under this foreign collaboration to develop research that will translate into clinical benefit for patients in Pakistan over the next several years. In first round the Research Fellows have been appointed to following 5 areas:

Bone replacement materials Prof Ihtesham ur Rehman Dr. Farasat Iqbal
Biomaterials for wound healing in burns patients Prof Sheila MacNeil Dr. Muhammad Yar
Biomaterials and tissue engineering for cleft palate repair Prof Sheila MacNeil Dr. Faiza Sharif
Development of biomaterials for treating periodontal disease Prof Ihtesham ur Rehman Dr. Asma Tufail Shah
Biomaterials/regenerative medicine for repair of nerve damage Prof John Haycock Dr. Ather Farooq Khan