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Who We Are?

The Department of Chemistry has been launched in COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus. Chemistry is an important discipline as it deals with nature of matter, its measurement and modeling. In that sense chemistry really matters as it is essential to explain the entire real world. Traditionally, it is divided into sub-disciplines, such as organic, inorganic, physical, biological, theoretical, and analytical, but these distinctions blur as it is increasingly appreciated how all of science, let alone chemistry, is interconnected. Modern interdisciplinary chemistry research is resulted in synthesis of novel drugs, creation of new materials, and tailoring of material properties of all sorts. It is no wonder then that chemistry is called the "Central Science".
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Message from the HoD

Chemistry is a major scientific discipline, which consists of several sub disciplines that form connections with other sciences to spawn new fields. Chemistry problem solving has far-reaching relevance to many aspects of our daily life and our future career as well. Solving the problems of today or tomorrow requires its connections with Ecology, Material Science, Planetary Science, Meteorology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. Chemical principles apply to many other specialties from medicine and pharmacology to art restoration and criminology, from genetics and space research to archaeology and oceanography.

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