A Seminar on Issues and Challenges in Islamic Finance

The Center of Islamic Finance at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore campus successfully organized the event on Issues and Challenges in developing Islamic Financial system and Takaful (Islamic Insurance) on December 29th 2015 (4:00 to 7:30PM).

Aim of the Event: The event aims to· provide an opportunity to discuss issues and challenges in developing Islamic financia system, including Takaful· motivate and encourage students to understand from a mere theoretical concept to a practical reality The following speakers contributed knowledge with real examples.
1. Mr. Syed Taqi Shah, General Manager Marketing, Habib Insurance Co. Ltd
2. Dr. Waheed Akhter, Assistant Professor, Center of Islamic Finance, COMSATS Lahore

The topics, issues and challenges facing Islamic banking industry, possible solutions and the concept of Islamic Insurance (Takaful) were covered at length in the light of Quran and Sunnah and in local and global context. Mr.Syed Taqi Shah as Corporate Trainer and Facilitator, Keen of development of Young Bankers to enable them to serve their Banking Organizations, shared knowledge among the students of Islamic Finance. He encouraged young students to step forward and work for the emerging Islamic banking industry as well discussed ways to job market appropriately. Dr. Waheed Akhter emphasized on the importance of Islamic Insurance. Students actively participated in this seminar through their queries. Approximately 40 students participated and admired this knowledge sharing session. Furthermore, they furnished valued suggestions to continue further on different topics in future. Before session, Mr. Syed Taqi Shah visited the office of Management Sciences where he highlighted the significance of establishing the connections between academia and industry. Dr. Kausar Abbas (Assistant Professor, CIF) concluded the event with vote of thanks.