Student Start-up Projects Batch-V

Hydro Wash/ Car wash waste water treatment

A carwash waste water re cycling plant.

Group members

  • Abdul Hanan
  • Hamza Al
  • Muhammad Ahmad Zubair
  • Abubakar

FYP students assistance in each phase of project development

With the ever-growing percentage of students in the Computer Science field a Software Engineering tool is a matter for FYP Students. All FYP projects goes through SDLC phases, and each phase requires some diagrams, associated documentations, test cases and software management support. Every FYP student has to make SRS and diagrams in the requirement phases, Architecture diagrams in the design phase and test cases in the testing phase. Students also need a tool for group coordination and task distribution during their FYP projects. There is no tool available that covers all the aspects of SDLC. Therefore, it is need of the time to develop a complete Software Engineering tool that will help the FYP students in every phase of software development life cycle. For this Project we are hard at work to develop an application that enables the FYP students to make diagrams, documentations, test cases, FYP reports, FYP proposals and will also provide support for project management. So in short, we are developing 4 Tools:

  • Drawing Tool to draw diagrams.
  • Documentation Tool to make documentation of FYP.
  • Testing Tool to make test cases.
  • Project Management Tool for group coordination.

Group members

  • Syed Asad Najam
  • Awais Saeed
  • Zohiar Altaf
  • Abdul Rafay

Online Voting System

Security of the present online voting systems from malicious attacks is the major concern for any Government. Major online voting systems have centralized databases where malicious attacker or third party can hack, change or manipulate the database (results). We will present a secure online voting system using block chain in a decentralized way to increase the trust of the user in the system. We will improve security of existing voting systems based on ethereum. Moreover we will try to implement voting system for large scale elections. If we have enough time we will explore EOS block chain and try to implement online voting system on EOS protocol as this will solve all the latency, gas price and transaction speed problems present in Ethereum based voting systems.

Group members

  • Hafiz Shahbaz Rasheed

Car performance Monitoring & Diagnostic system (App + website)

Fuzzy Logic Based Car Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic System.

Group members

  • Waleed Ahmed
  • Raheela Baloch
  • Hassan Bukhari

Informative Lock screen/ wallpapers

What if your lock screen could have stunning wallpapers, but also update you with interesting stories each time you unlock your phone. Presenting Info papers: World’s first wallpaper stories app: Discover interesting stories through stunning wallpapers.
A breaking news article, a breathtaking photo, a movie that you should look forward to, deals & discounts near you, an invention that is changing the world, a place to travel over the weekend, a recipe for your next meal, a quote to start the day, or just a cool fact you did not know. No searching, no unlocking or open an app all you need to do is just a glance at your lock screen.

Group members

  • Fakhar Jamil
  • Daniyal Samim

Conversion of ICE Vehicle into Plugin Hybrid Converter

I am working on a kit that can convert any simple ICE Vehicle to Plug in Hybrid Vehicle with little modifications.

Group members

  • Hozan Bin Ghaffar
  • Asad Akbar
  • Usama Aftab

Car Pooling

Every home service i.e plumbing, electrician, tailor, car wash etc at your doorstep on a single click.

Group members

  • Abdul Samad Butt
  • Amna Malik
  • Uzma Amjad

Web based Application Development

With the age of rapid globalization and widespread advance of internet and connected devices, people increasingly rely on online services to accomplish most of their work. One particular market segment that has been largely overlooked so far is that of event management. Our solution aims to provide a comprehensive platform to cater to customer and vendor needs by bridging the gap between them and providing a platform to connect with each other. It provides a dedicated set of tools geared to assist from the conception and planning phase to sourcing materials and services required. It also provides facility to NGOs to create and manage their events and avail sponsorships for them. The platform enables the registered vendors to market and sell products and services to cater to customer needs specifications and sponsor NGOs for their events. Our proposed solution provides an application based software system to streamline events ranging from a wide variety and aims to be a one stop solution to for customer, NGOs and vendor needs. Our focus is two pronged with potential customer, NGOs and vendor requirements, based on the domain, kept in mind to develop a custom and well-tailored suite of tools to facilitate them.

Group members

  • Zoha Ejaz
  • Umer Ali Sajid
  • Muhammad Zaeem Waqas

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