Student Start-up Projects Batch-II

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Group Members (CS Department)​
Shaheer Ghaffar
Shahrukh Tahir
Hafiz Muhammad Waqas
Sikandar Khan
Arslan Ahmed Qureshi

Smart Helmet with ventilation System

Engineers are to provide solution to the problems, in this regard having an idea to make the journey of a bike rider comfortable we both thought to develop such helmet that is capable to meet temperature conditions and designed in such a way that the rider does not need to go of the way to answer his/her call. This motivation led us to go for a business startup.

Group Members (EE Department)
Muhammad Usama Bukhari
Muhammad Haris Bukhari

Handyman Services

In Pakistan for domestic job the selection of blue-collar workers has always been a challenging task. For instance, the search for an electrician or plumber means first visit a market or hardware store then after negotiation take labour with you and after the completion of the work drop him to the store. A search for a person that resolve domestic issues of users is a big problem, we overcome this problem by making an Android Application that fulfil the user queries in an efficient manner, because people enjoy to use Smart phones and smart App that resolve their issues. As scope of the android application is concerned, statistics indicate that the trend of surfing internet on smart devices has seen a steep increase during the past few years. This trend is likely to continue due to drop in cost and availability of smart devices. Pakistan, being a developing country has huge potential in the field of mobile software industry and rise in smartphone usage is most likely to be a perpetual entity. These types of applications can increase employment opportunities for handymen sector which is far left behind from the society, where technological advancements are progressing day by day and people tend to depend more on technology to meet their requirement than ever.
With the evolution in both the technology and new market trends people are looking towards experts to solve their problems in minimum time possible efficiently and accurately. The desire to live an easy life regarding finding a worker for household jobs leads users to android handyman services. For instance, the search for an electrician or plumber means first visiting a market or hardware store, then after negotiation, taking labour with you and after the completion of the work dropping him to the store. Moreover, to manage time regarding finding a person to fix house errands, instead of hustling and bustling of daily life, raised demand for a customized system where they can find someone easily without leaving their comfort zone.

Group Members (CS Department)​
Muhammad Shoaib
Hafiz Adil Sikandar

Hand Rehabilitation Glove for Stroke Affected Patients

Majority of people who suffer from a neurological injury such as stroke or spinal cord injury experience partial or total loss of their hand abilities which greatly impacts their quality of life. Studies reveal that stroke is the leading cause of one of the major long term disabilities around the world and have significant effects on the patient, their family and the society. This project focuses on development of a device for the rehabilitation of effected hand of such patients. The prototype development is based on EMG signals that controls the system as per user’s intent to move his hand with the help of actuators. The actuators will control the glove on person’s impaired hand for flexion and extension of fingers, thus regulating his grip force and allowing him to perform activities of daily living like grasping a cup without external help. To enhance the rehabilitation, the robotic glove can also be controlled by another sensor glove; that can be worn by user on their unaffected hand or by the physiotherapist. This will mimic the movement of sensor glove onto the glove worn on effected hand.

Group Members (EE Department)
Uzair Hafeez
Mir Muneeb Ullah

Stitching Cloths

People are facing the problem of finding tailors whenever it comes to wear a perfect dress. So, rather than roaming around and finding the right tailor; We invite people on our android/IOS application CandS (cutting and stitching) where you can give us your measurements online and you can also choose from our latest trendy designs. Moreover the most amazing thing about our application is that it has included augmented reality (AR) which will let the customers to try a clothe on virtually on their phones’ screens and also when they will desire to design a dress, it will be appeared ready as a 3D dress model on screen. This app will fulfil the need of doing every physical effort that people attempt to get fine stitching of their clothes.

Group Members (CS Department)
Hammad Jamil
Abdul Rehman Malik
Anam Muzaffar

Voice Synthesizer & Health Monitoring System

Health monitoring and communication for a completely locked in patient is a challenging task. Options for people with severe paralysis who have lost the ability to communicate orally are limited. Many people with paralysis and locked in syndrome have normal life spans with a fully functional brain trapped within a non-functioning body. The brain is conscious and aware of its surroundings; it can think and process but it is unable to translate these thoughts into words. Though there is advancement in the field of medical science still there are no effective treatments available, nor is there a cure for it. Today in this era of technology the project proposes the outline and use of portable communicator to allow the paralyzed to become an active participant in their community. They no longer have to remain imprisoned in their own minds. They can communicate with others through blinking and breathing. Furthermore taking care of a paralyzed is a complicated task, they require special care, attention and round the clock monitoring thus they are admitted in special care facilities with no say in their own health care decisions. Therefore the system proposes the outline and use of a portable telemedicine system. Pakistan like most of the other developing nations is confronting issues in tending to the issues of accessibility of better medicinal services to everyone.

Group Members (EE Department)
Qurat ul Ain
Talha Hussain Shah
Mujtaba Baber

Wireless Network Sensors in Sports

Our business plan proposes the implementation of cloud-based wireless network sensors in sports technologies for the enhancement, improvement and efficient performance of the players and deliver cost effective and cheap products for local and industrial buyers. Our focus is to target the technologies used in cricket for various activities involving the assessment and monitoring of players.

Group Members (EE Department)
Fahad Naeem
Muhammad Ahsan Zafar
Maria Tahir
Shafaq Naz
Abdullah Javed
Irtaza Afzal


We will be developing an intelligent drone that can stay aloft for longer than the conventional airframes available in the market. The main aim is to increase the endurability of the RC drones. In doing so, we will need to develop a hybrid power system based upon solar cells and a battery.
When finished, the product will have vast capabilites and it could be modified as per our own will. It could be equipped with items that are more suited for a specific task, thus executing the task with maximum efficiency and with minimum human involvement or effort.
The end product can target numerous markets such as military, transport, emergencies, agriculture,mass media. It could also be used for exploration i.e, looking out for certain minerals with appropriate sensors attached. It can also play the role of a life-guard and even sold as toys.

Group Members (EE Department)
Muhammad Usama

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