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Pakistan is enriched with agricultural resources, its soil is fertile and agricultural products are renown in the whole world for quality. 23% GDP of Pakistan is generated by agriculture sector where more than 60% of population is related to this sector. There is no online platform available for farmers to minimize their travel costs, avoid middle men and sell their products online directly to the potential customers. ‘FamerBook’ is Pakistan’s first online agriculture Platform where Farmers and buyers can meet online to trade agricultural products in bulk. Farmers can also get all kinds of information about crops and pesticides to get maximum yield. FarmerBook aims to cover whole agriculture community of Pakistan to provide them better ways of trading and maximize their yield by information sharing. It also provides financial assistance to the poor farmers who can’t pitch their product at large scale to get maximum profit. Where every other sector is developing with the help of technology why not agriculture too should get upgrades so that old traditional methods can be replaced by new and more effective ones where end to end profit should be maximum. FarmerBook believes in the importance of farmers, they are the reason behind our diet but due to less resources available their living standard is not good. By giving a new way of looking at agriculture and have maximum profit in their pocket, can give them a support to rise in the fast growing world.


The users will download the application from app store of their respective mobile phone operating systems. The users will then connect to each other, form handshake with each other via the short messaging service using a pin code. This will be one time only and will allow the members, who have shaken hands, to access each other’s GPS location and IMEI number of their respective mobile phones. In case the phone gets lost, one may access the phone’s location using another member’s mobile phone. Now the issue arises when the owner of the lost mobile phone has disabled the location in the lost phone. The earlier done handshake will allow any of the members to explicitly enable the location of the lost phone and get his or her location. Further, in case the finder of the lost phone has a changed the SIM, the app will automatically be sending the SMS to hand shaken mobiles, notifying others of the cell phone number change and their location (implicitly enabling the mobile’s GPS) without the notification of the person. The cell number will be updated against that IMEI number of other members. This application will be password protected so that no person other than you may access or DELETE the application.

Fuel Tracking and Monitoring System

As the world of information technology is advancing at an increasing rate, and the practice of conserving natural resources is not excluded to the impact of these changes. These technological advances create the potential for better saving of non-renewable resources. This Fuel Tracking and Monitoring System will help us to check the fuel levels of our vehicles on Real Time from another device. This can be checked easily if you are in office or room and also via your laptop or phone. The idea of this project is to provide the world with a tool that can help to avoid extra usage, leakage or theft of fuel from vehicle’s fuel tank. In today’s world, fuel is very important source of energy as it can only be used once and is not renewable. So if we save more, we get to use more. In Pakistan rising prices and theft of fuel is a key factor which made us think about this idea. Basically it will help us overcome issues like Fuel Leakage, Fuel Fraud and Fuel Theft. In Pakistan, not only we use fuel in our vehicles but we also use high amount of fuels in Electricity Generators as we have electricity crisis in the country on boom, Harvesters and Threshers as we are an Agricultural State and we yield some good sources annually and to cut these we need fuel too.

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist is an application which helps in Speech rehabilitation of the people in Pakistan. Speech rehabilitation is a process in which a person who is affected by speech impairment is trained to speak properly. This process is very complex and stressful, but a therapist can help in reducing the stress for the patient. This therapy may involve a lot of devotion and many therapeutic skills. In Pakistan, speech therapy is very expensive and cannot be afforded by every person. For that reason, a software is needed that can assist a therapist and thereby reduce the load of professional therapist. Speech Therapist application will be the first Urdu based Speech Therapy System in which people can practice their therapy at any time of the day and their therapists can monitor their progress as well. This will make Speech therapy cheaper and affordable for every person especially in Pakistan.

Prasino Fertilizer Company

Imagine if you could make a product (Fertilizer) from waste of an industry , rather than draining or discarding it into atmosphere and disturbing the natural balance. Just Imagine if that product is 40-50% cheaper alternative than conventional fertilizers used in our country moreover research proves that it shows 10% increase in yield.
 My idea is to make a Biofertilizer form waste of an industry (will be discussed later) and to launch it into market as a proper trademark that can be used as a cheaper and more organic a, eco-friendly substitute to conventional fertilizers used today e.g DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) etc. Proper practical use , research data and foreign market study suggests that this particular fertilizer has a potential to be far more better product than those which are already being used. Great environmental concerns , rising prices of DAP and other fertilizers are the one of the major factors that suggests the potential of this product as a successful launch in market. Pakistan's Industrial  and its agricultural sector needs innovation like Bio-fertilizers.
The production of this Bio-Fertilizer follows a rather simple approach , it involves the purchasing (cheap as mud) of waste from concerned industries (total of 90+ all over Pakistan) and blending them with chemicals to achieve desired product properties. The significance of this process is that a compact space and very little or no machinery is required ( mixers , pumps , sprayers), and product can be obtained in very little time. So minimum capital cost is required. I am targeting agricultural sector  which contributes to 21% GDP as well as industrial sector by meeting their waste management problem, by offering them a better waste management and more green eco-friendly approach in using their waste as valuable product and by implementing and practicing recycling and environmental friendliness at an industrial scale. Moreover the key agenda to select the manual process rather than mechanical was to provide more labour opportunities to skilled persons.
It would be a great revolution in industrial , fertilizer and industrial sector if potential of this idea is considered , I have been planning and re-innovating this idea from past three years, I believe i can do it and it is the right platform to do so.

A cheaper and eco-friendly substitute to conventional fertilizers which offer better soil health and contains all the essential micro and macro nutrients required for fertility of soil , it proved to be a better substitute than DAP in rice fields where it gave 10% more yield in half price, and it is liable to use in all major crops including mango farms and sugar cane growth, It can be used as a stand alone substitute and it can be used with other fertilizers to boost yield and to minimise cost. It is prefered in gardening in European countries where it provided better worm activity in soil leading to better oxygen transfer to soil. Moreover it is a lot cheaper. and easy to make product than its counterparts in market.
Problems being addressed
   This product is made using solid and liquid waste of Industry to make a biofertilizer in this way better waste management is being practiced by recycling all those materials which would otherwise lead to pollution.industry is being provided with a party which is recycling its waste into a valuable product and taking care of its waste on its own.

2.Expensive Fertilizers
   In Pakistan major cost of a farmer involves purchasing fertilizers to be used on his land but with my product i am offering him a better , yet cheap alternative which he can rely on , therefore providing mutual benefit to both the farmer and industry by not letting industry contribute to pollution and by giving farmer what he needs in less price as a eco-friendly product.

   The key agenda behind using manual operation rather than automated machinery was to provide opportunities to professional and skilled unemployed youth , and making them part of this contribution towards green eco-friendly future.

4.unconventional process
   I want to make a change and eliminate this stereotype that new and innovations cannot stand up in a chemical industry and processes being practiced are only resorts. Most importantly i want to idealize this project by making it a success so that it can be a motivation to chemical engineering students like me that chemical engineers cannot be entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are only for IT and business studies sector.

Smart Classified Ad System

The basic idea behind this is to engage the whole sellers and retailers by providing them with a platform where they can meet up without any hassle. The system will show the demand trends and will help the investors to invest wisely and effectively. The prior classified systems were focused only on sellers; we are going to develop a classified ad system to ensure better and optimal buying and selling experience by focussing on the needs and demands of buyers. The goal is to ease the buying/selling experience by providing products according to the demand. Reports will be generated for the sellers about their transactions. These reports will keep them aware of their current business position. Our focus will be on buyer; they will post adds of what they want which will be shown to potential sellers. It will be unique in terms of its approach and will help to fulfil the needs of buyers and will help them to choose the best and the cheapest deals provided by sellers to them in a bidding competition. Buyers will have an option to select from the multiple offers provided to them from the sellers in the process of bidding which will be secure and hidden from other sellers and buyers. System will guide the sellers about the trends of the market: from which sellers can have a fair amount of idea where to invest and what is the demand of the market. It will save them from buying dead items and help them to gain profits by investing of what is being demanded.

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