Student Start-up Projects Batch-III


FYRO is an innovative technology startup focused on providing proximity solutionsà to the vast sector of retail, industry and infrastructural sites. We aim to provide high level solutions of navigation, push notifications, attendance, customer engagement and statistical analysis. Our technology will be a revolutionary trend in Pakistan IT sector.

Group Members (CS Department)​
Ahsan Noor
Hamza Rasool
Zain Attiq

Tremor Control and Assistance Module for Parkinson’s disease (TCAM)

Parkinson's disease is a neurological disorder it affects the way the patient’s move that causes rhythmic and uncontrollable trembling of specific parts of human body. Essential tremors are the most common type of Parkinson’s disease that cause involuntary shaking of the hands, it is usually found in people of old age. It happens when there is a problem with certain nerve cells in the brain. Essential tremors are progressive, which means it gets worse over time. No one knows for sure what makes these nerve cells break down. There is no cure for Parkinson's disease. But there are several types of medicines that can control the symptoms and make the disease easier to live with. A permanent solution exists, that is to have surgery in which electrodes are directly implanted into the brain but it is a medically unstable and an expensive procedure. Our idea is to suppress these tremors using functional electrical stimulation (FES) technique that efficiently stimulate the muscles of the arms through small electrode pads. In order to do so we are developing smart real time decision making algorithms and designing a low cost innovative device which consists of a box and a sleeve that can be easily worn under clothing on the arm with carefully placed electrodes driven by a processor that takes in data from the inertial measurement unit(IMU). EMS electrodes twitch the muscles in response and judders are controlled. This operation occurs in a loop and hence doing daily tasks becomes less difficult and provides a better quality of life to the patient.

Group Members (EE Department)
Amana Khan
Shahzad Hamed

BlindAid (Digital Assistance for visually impaired)

The project is to develop an application for the visually impaired community. This is not a simple path guiding device but will help the user to be a part of the real world and experience what every other normal person can. Phone accessibility, scene description, facial recognition the whole ball of wax will be available for the users. Whether the user needs to access the phone or needs an explanation of the sight, the whole thing can be attained with our App.

Group Members (CS Department)​
Shahrukh Tahir
Absar Ahmed Mujaddidi
Waqas Riaz


Modern automobiles consist of ECU (Electrical Control Unit) linked with sensors and actuators. These sensors monitor the engine condition. If fault occurs in engine compartment, engine check light displays. Nowadays, mobile applications are available which provide basic data from ECU which is not much helpful in identifying the overall health of the car. This idea dispenses ease to the users by getting alerts of the faults utilizing the data from OBD-II port or even self-diagnoses it and monitor additional information from external sensors in a car from on a mobile app. The sensors will be used to collect the information about different parameters related to car health like oil condition, car temperature, etc. The data from mobile App will be uploaded on the cloud server. Realtime data from multiple users will be loaded on cloud, in case of an anomaly or fault, the car user will be alerted about the issue.

Group Members (EE Department)​
Muhammad Zaeem Abdullah
Muhammad Usama Bukhari

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