Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

Electrical measurement and instrumentation (EMI) lab provide the students with essential principles of basic circuit analysis, transducers and electronic instruments for measurement of physical quantities. By the end of this course, the student is expected to design and analyze electric circuits, design simple circuits and be acquainted with several types of electrical and electronic instruments used for measurement of physical quantities. Measurements of System units, errors. Basic resistive circuits Ohm's, Kirchhoff's Laws; DC analysis: nodal and mesh analysis, superposition, Sinusoidal steady-state analysis: phasors, complex power; Transducers etc. familiarization and use of different measuring instruments like lux meter clamp meter CROs, different kind of thermocouples, furnace operation to find out the temperature changes along with other auxiliary meters used in this course. EMI lab has very neat and clean atmosphere with state of the art facilities to the student and have everything for student to learn and for hands on practice. EMI lab has equipped with latest instruments and is one of the very modern and latest labs. This lab facilitates 3rd year students but any student from Electrical engineering curriculum can hands on practice in this lab. Calibration of instruments, measurements of electric quantities, investigation of electrical circuits and analysis of the measured quantities are in scope of this lab.

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