Data Communication Lab

As modern technologies are interdisciplinary and often require knowledge of several fields, datacommunication lab provide students such an environment where components with a mixed of computer-aided techniques, traditional communication circuitry and basic instruments are available to go with hand on experience similar to the industry. It is an initiative of Electrical Engineering department which helps the graduate students with their scientific writing, speaking and visual design. It is imperative to choose experiments that provide students with real life applications that are challenging but achievable and this lab provides series of such experiments that are tightly couple with lectures. This lab covers core topics of digital communication and computer networks (DCCN). Data communications and computer networking (DCCN) has established itself as an essential part of most computer science and engineering curricula, so there are series of experiments for this course that serve as a complete laboratory course in DCCN while the topics include data transmission, signal encoding techniques, digital data communication techniques, transmission media, and introduction computer networking. The lab serves as a learning resource center in which the students not only perform formal lab assignments, but also have the opportunity to use the equipment and computers to strengthen their understanding of the concepts presented in the lecture section.

List of Software:

  • Packet Tracer 6.2
  • Wireshark 1.12.5
  • Rivebed (OPNET Simulator 17.5 Edition)

List of Hardware

  • Computers Dell i5 (Optiplex 7020)
  • Routers Cisco 3845
  • Routers Cisco 3825
  • Routers Cisco 2811
  • Switch Cisco 2960
  • PIX 515E
  • 4-Port KVM Switch
  • Cable Tester
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