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"The Electrical Machine Laboratory is equipped with state of the art modern equipment’s and is a comprehensive teaching package, offered to 5th semester students of BS Telecommunication and BS Electronics Engineering, covering transformers, DC and AC machines. With purpose-built, bench-standing industrial machines trainers, students perform a complete set of experiments that enables them to study the characteristics of each machine under different operating conditions. The lab features the powerful Lab interface for measuring, displaying and recording DC and AC quantities in real time. Students work in sub-groups of two or three on fully-equipped trainers each comprising fixed and variable power supplies, panel-mounted interfaces, fix and variable loads, built-in AC and DC measuring devices and electric machines including single-phase and three-phase transformers, electric motors and generators. Before performing the designed lab experiments, the students gain understanding of precautionary measures and safety of equipment and operating personnel while working with high voltage and currents. Initially, students are given a thorough tutorial on the Lab, which enable them to simulate the experiments, control parameters, acquire and analyze data in the form of relevant graphs. Students can measure no-load and load characteristics of single-phase and three-phase transformers. With DC motors, induction motors and synchronous generators, the students study the speed-torque characteristics and how synchronization is carried out. After successful completion of this lab, the students are provided with essential knowledge and practical skills on electrical machines that will make them better prepared for future engineering jobs."

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