Circuits Lab

Circuit analysis lab is designed for the students of Electrical Engineering as per Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) guidelines. The lab has been equipped with hardware/ software resources to enhance the analytical and design skills of students. The students have the opportunity to learn the key concepts and have hands-on experience on hardware and software using commonly available components. The experiments will lead through progressively more sophisticated concepts and techniques. Thus this lab reduces the academia-industry gap which is widely felt globally. The lab courses under the scope of Circuit Analysis Lab includes Electrical Circuit Analysis – I (ECA-I), Electrical Circuit Analysis – II (ECA-II). These labs are a blend of hardware and software resources which together form an integrated environment for construction and testing of electrical circuits. This unique blend leads to a practical understanding that would be difficult to achieve with either hardware or software alone. The courses are aimed at delivering the comprehensive understanding of electrical circuits both in DC and Ac domain etc. The major topics of Electrical Circuit Analysis – I (ECA-I) are: familiarization of basic lab equipment’s and PSpice software, Series and parallel circuits, Wye-Delta transformation, KCL, KVL, Mesh analysis, Nodal analysis, Superposition Theorem, Thevenin and Norton Theorems, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Source Transformation Theorem, Complete Response of RC and RL Circuits. Electrical Circuit Analysis – II (ECA-II) covers, familiarization of basic lab equipment’s and PSpice software for generation of AC signal, natural and step response of a parallel RLC circuits, steady state response of capacitor and inductor, network theorems in phasor domain, Power measurements and Power Factor Correction, balanced three phase wye and delta-connected circuits, RC low and high pass filters, RL low and high pass filters, second and third order RC low pass filter, series and parallel resonance RLC circuit, Passive filters (Band pass, Band stop), impedance, admittance and hybrid parameter for unknown two port networks.

List of Equipment

  • Analog / Digital Trainers A-Tek (Model AT-700)(ULT-3000)
  • Function Generators LoadStar (Model FG-2100A) Escort (Model EGC-3230)0.2Hz – 2MHz
  • DC Power Supplies (Model DF1730SL3A) 0-30Vdc 3A
  • Digital Multimeter China (Model M-3900 & UT55)
  • LCR Meter TECPEL (LCR-612)
  • Digital Oscilloscopes INSTEK (GDS-1052-U)
  • Analog Oscilloscopes (Model GOS-620)
  • Curve Tracer QT4812A
  • Soldering & De soldering Station
  • Computers

Software Tools

  • PSpice
  • LTspice
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