Congratulations to Dr. Sohaib Aslam on Successfully Defending His PhD Thesis

Lahore, May 6, 2024 - In a landmark academic achievement, Sohaib Aslam has successfully defended his PhD thesis at COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus. His groundbreaking research, a collaborative effort between COMSATS University Islamabad and Universiti Putra Malaysia, focuses on enhancing satellite stability and efficiency through the "Attitude Control of Satellite Combined Energy and Attitude Control System using Soft Computing Techniques," under the supervision of Dr. Mujtaba Hussain Jaffery and Co-Supervision of Prof. Dr. Renuganth Varatharajoo.
His research focuses on the synergistic approach to not only use flywheels as energy storage devices but also for satellite attitude stabilization task. This approach is famously known as combined energy and attitude control system (CEACS). In his PhD research work, he has designed soft computing techniques i.e., Fuzzy PD, Fuzzy MPC, Deep Learning based Fuzzy MPC (D-FMPC), and Adaptive Deep Learning based Fuzzy MPC (AD-FMPC) to improve the attitude controlling capability of CEACS in the presence external disturbance torques, actuator constraints, and parametric uncertainty. The panel of esteemed external examiners, including Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Ul Hassan and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asghar Saqib, praised the dissertation for its novelty and application potential. Supervisor has expressed his thanks to the Convener Prof. Dr. Sobia Baig, HoD Dr. Muhammad Naeem Awais, and all others who extended their full support and cooperation in achieving this milestone.
Looking ahead, Dr. Sohaib Aslam is poised to make significant contributions to Pakistan’s space and satellite research sectors, leveraging his expertise to foster advancements in aerospace technology.

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