Visit to Noor Textile, Sheikhupura

The Collaboration and Outreach Committee (COC) at Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department CUI Lahore arranged an industrial visit to the Noor Textile, Sheikhupura on Monday, December 05, 2022, for the students of FA19-BEE-Power and FA19-BEE- Electronics. 

60 students visited the site along with following faculty members.

  1. Muhammad Yaqoob Javaid (Assistant Professor, ECE Dept.)
  2. Usman Rafique (Secretary, COC, ECE Dept.)
  3. Nessarum Minallah (Member, COC)
  4. Wajeeha Khan (Member, COC)
  5. Amna Arif (Lecturer, ECE Dept.)

Students observed the distribution of electric power for different parts of textile machinery and the mechanism of protection from electrical hazards. Mr. Yaqoob Javaid briefed students about the power distribution panels and circuit breakers those were installed for the smooth management of power flow in an industrial set up. He also described about the backup mechanism installed to supply the power to electrical machinery in case of failure of main power.

Students had a good insight of electrical power management in an industry and grasped important aspects of industrial setup.

Dr. Yaqoob is briefing the students about safety measures regarding the visit

Electrical machinery for thread manufacturing

Production of thread

Students group photo with faculty members

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