IEEE-CIIT Lahore arranged co-curricular and extra-curricular activities during the student week from 15th Nov to 17th Nov. 2017


ICLSB has provided an opportunity for the students of CIIT to cultivate the attitude of recycling. Therefore, junk art is the event through which we can achieve our aim. Junk art is a signature event of IEEE. Participants are provided with a junk and a theme and they have to depict that theme using junk.

 The event junk art took place in Baradari on 16th November, when Miss Amna Arif along with the IEEE members, initiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was headed by Ms. Bakhtawar Ejaz (Chairperson WIE-ICLSB).
For the evaluation purpose, Sir JunaidAkhtar (EE Department) was invited to play a role of Judge. The winning team was awarded with cash prize. At the termination of event, Sir Junaid appreciated the effort of participated teams and also valued the struggle of IEEE who had made this wonderful event possible. The event on a whole was a great success of Innofest’17. It provided participants a platform to actualize their creative and innovative abilities by giving a set of junk an artistic and eye appealing form. It also emphasized the need of reutilization of discarded material.

Finger Painting Challenge:

"Life of little ones are Destroyed when child labor is employed". Taking the statement seriously ICLSB provided an opportunity to students of CIIT Lahore to paint and portray how their imaginations can bring a change. However, in order to bring the true artist out of them, medium for this painting were fingers. ICLSB organizers called the event as "finger painting" which cut down the hurdle of paintbrush to develop the best abstract. To this, the theme provided to the participants was "Child labor" and they were advised to paint such an abstract which itself explains their perspective of saving Earth. All the volunteers and Ex-Com were highly energetic to execute the event in the best possible manner to have a strong impact on audience and to show that how great is the upcoming INNOFEST’17.
The event began, when Mr. Muhammad Irtaza (Chairperson ICLSB) along with Ms. Bakhtawar Ejaz (Chairperson WIE-ICLSB) inaugurated the event in Architecture Department on 16th November 2017.
Mr. Zeeshan Zaheer and Ms. Sarah from Architecture Department were invited for evaluation purpose; they made a careful look at all the paintings and consequently chose a best one which was fulfilling the true meaning of the theme. The winning participant was awarded by a cash prize. Judges appreciated the organizing team of ICLSB for arranging such event and especially with such theme.

Minute to Win It:
The event, Minute to Win It” captured many fun oriented games and the limit of time made those game more appealing and exciting for the participant’s. The event venue was “Back side ground of Electrical Department”.
The event structure was well defined; teams have to compete with each other to taste the essence of victory. Most of the participants enjoyed catapult challenge and catching game while some of them were more intrested how to show off their physical power by participating in “Tug Of War”.
The event went great for both #IEEE team and participants. The management team was appreciated equally by faculty and participants. The collaboration of volunteers was the main reason behind the success of that event. They understood the games so well that no error occurred and there was not a single complaint by the participants.
The prize of the event was to be announced the day after event. A team which outclassed every other team was selected as a winner. The event was headed by “Ali Hassan and Aqib Mehmood”.


Techno Hunt:
Emerging need of technology along with its use in this era and the urge to find and discover answers lead to this great innovative idea of Techno Hunt which is a blend of technology based on computational techniques and workings plus the fire within individuals to trace out indications. Knowing this, the idea of Techno Hunt proved to be exceptionally appealing and exciting. The basic aim of this event is to allow students to prove themselves individually and as well as work in teams which promotes the skill of co-operation and collaboration. The Techno Hunt event was organized for the seventh time this year which provided students with a precious chance to make use of their technological savvy and work creatively to hunt down for clues and answers. 
The event was organized on the last day of the ‘Student Week 2017’ on 8th November’ 2017 by honorable Mr. Syed Junaid Akhtar near Baradari. The arrangements of preparing clues and hiding them all around the university were successfully put to an end before the commencement of the event. There were total 7 clues which were decided and prepared by the organizers of the event which involved cryptography based techniques such as affine ciphers, Polybius cipher, Morse code, keypad code and other procedures included word search and solving on the basis of ASCII which made contestants to use their minds to decipher the codes and work out problems to move on with the game.
Their workings and solving were checked and judged by respected Mr. Muhammad Usman. The event was bought to an end by giving cash prize to the winning team.

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