Participation of EE Students in Karwan-e-Yaqjehti 2016.

To show solidarity and unity for Pakistan and to show that we are a unified nation at the time of current crisis. HEC and Pakistan Army took the initiative by planning and arranging a gathering in BUITEMS in which students from different universities, across Pakistan, were invited to stand and join hands and celebrate Independence Day, holding their head up high; ignoring the differences in their creed and languages. They stood as a nation! Students from from CIIT Lahore campus also participated in the event of Karwan-e-Yaqjehti, to represent and show solidarity with the nation, especially with the people of Baluchistan. Students of Electrical Engineering department, Mr. Fahad Naeem and Mr. Roohan Amir Hamza, represented CIIT Lahore in Karwan-e-Yakjehti held at Quetta, Pakistan.

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