Ideas for Students

CS faculty is invited to share ideas for students interested in FYP by sending all information to secretary as per below format.

Following are links to already completed FYP's by students of CS & SE at CUI Lahore Campus (Downloadable FYP Reports) (Provides Access Number to stored FYP CD's at CUI Lahore Campus Library)
  1. Below ideas are intellectual property of their supervisors (see Supervisor column in below table). If you want to work on an idea, you must choose the same supervisor who proposed the idea. If for some reason, you want to work with some other supervisor on same idea, you must get written permission from the original supervisor. Otherwise, strict action would be taken against you.
  2. Projects are listed below by date in descening order i.e. most recently sent project ideas are at top.
  3. Some of the below projects are not available for supervision. They are here for record and to help you avoid repetition of ideas. So, do not contact those supervisors, because the projects are already taken. See column: Available for Supervision