Your valued ideas will be available for our students at

Externals for CIIT: Experts working in industry or academia are invited for the permanent external of CIIT by sending CV to convener FYP. Main benefit is interaction with CIIT faculty and our students along with honorarium per project evaluation as per CIIT rule. 
Call for New FYP Ideas: CS faculty ready for supervision is invited for new FYP ideas. Please email to secretary FYP the following information:



Brief Description:

Area: Write any one of the following

·   Communication Networks

·   Software Engineering

·   Vision, Image & Graphics (VIG)

·   Intelligent Machines and Robotics

·   Web Semantics

·   Natural Language Processing

·   Databases and Operational Intelligence


Type: Write any one of the following

·   Research

·   Development (Application)

·   Research & Development

Your valued ideas will be available for our students at
Distinguished FYPs of CS department: If you have supervised project(s) in the past and meeting requirements of any category mentioned below, pl. fill the following table and send required documents to convener FYP. There is no last date. You can respond any time when you feel your project has got the required status:

Supervisor (s)

Team Members








Industrial: Currently working and in use by industry or any institution. Pl. provide letter from head and soft copy of project.

Research: Published conference or journal paper based on the project. Pl. provide web link of published paper and soft copy of project.

Competition: Won award of at least national level. Pl. provide copy of certificate and soft copy of project.