Important Dates & Deliverables

  • 11-03-2024 FYP-I Proposal Submission Deadline (Supervisor will submit FYP-I Proposal through Google Form. The form link will be shared with the supervisors)
  • 17-05-2024 FYP- I Report Submission
  • 13-05-2024 to 17-05-2024 FYP- I Evaluation
  • 15-04-2024 to 19-04-2024 FYP II Pre - Evaluation
  • 27-05-2024 FYP II Report and Poster submission
  • 27-05-2024 Supervisor FYP II Result Submission
  • 25-06-2024 FYP-II Final Evaluation (Tentative Date)
  • 28-06-2024 Final Deliverables (Report and CD) Submission


(A). Read the basic FYP Rules first. Registration of students/groups (at the final stage of 6th semester) for FYP-I is done by submitting a project proposal according to the given template. The template is available on downloads page of this website. Proposal must be signed by all students, supervisor and co-supervisor (if any). Also include Turnitin report with your proposal. Submit proposal in softform to your supervisor. The soft copy of project proposal will be submitted by the respective supervisor through Google forms during the 1st four weeks of every Semester.

FYP registration is different from other courses registration, you register other courses directly with SSC by filling Course Registration or Add/Drop form, while FYP-1 is registered by submitting proposal to FYPC. So, you don't need to mention FYP-1 on course registration form when you register 7th semester courses with SSC.

Please note, FYP-I WOULD NOT BE REGISTERED if you did not submitted proposal to FYPC in given deadline.

After almost 1-2 weeks of proposal submission, you would be notified about proposal acceptance or rejection.

Once your proposal is accepted, you can't change your project, group members, project or supervisor(s) without submitting Change Request Form (available at Downloads page of this site), subject to approval. Doing without getting approval from FYPC Secretary may result in FYP cancellation.

FYP-1 is 2 credit course, so you should register maximum 19 credit hours courses with SSC. So that when FYPC send your FYP-I registration request, your credit hours do not increase from 21. If you ignored this rule, SSC may drop your any course, may be after couple of weeks from your registration. Here is the checklist for proposal submission:

  1. Proposal is prepared following the latest Proposal Template
  2. All group members names, registration numbers, emails, CGPAs and phone numbers are written on specified page
  3. All students' signatures are done.
  4. Supervisor and Co-Supervisor's (if any) name and designation is written and his/her signature are done
  5. Turnitin report is attached
  6. Gantt Chart is added into proposal
  7. The soft copy that you email shall contain all above-mentioned information.

(B). At the end of 7th semester, FYP-I report soft copy signed by the concerned supervisor will be submitted online according to the deadline. Before one week of final lab exams, the FYP-I projects evaluation will be carried out by both the Supervisor and an Internal Examiner together. The students are required to prepare a presentation of their project work completed till FYP-I. At this stage students are expected to complete most of their documentation/research and at least a prototype of their project.


  1. Students submit the soft copy of FYP-II Report to their supervisor. The soft copy of project proposal will be submitted by the respective supervisor through Google forms.
  2. If students or supervisor feel the project is not ready for presentation, students can submit IP Request Form (signed by supervisor) to FYP Committee Secretary. In this case, IP grade would be assigned to FYP-II course of current semester and student would repeat FYP-II in next semester.

(E) Submit following FYP-II Deliverables to Ms. Iqra Obaid after final evaluation (

(a) Two printed reports with black colour hard binding (for CS Department and Supervisor)

(b) Three CDs (for library, supervisor and CS Department). Each CD should be packed well and a label must be pasted on back-side of CD having your Group ID and Project Title.

Each CD should contain:

  1. FYP Report in MS Word and PDF format (one is also acceptable, but both formats are recommended)
  2. Presentation in MS PowerPoint format
  3. Poster in MS PowerPoint, PNG, JPG or Photo Shop format (you can use any format, high resolution PNG file is recommended): Students are not required to submit the hard copy of poster
  4. Software
    • (i) Complete source code
    • (ii) Executable file (if applicable)
    • (iii) SQL script of Database Schema & Seed Data (if applicable)


  • All deliverables are required by the announced date, otherwise absolute 0 would be marked.
  • For new FYP-I registrations, all decisions and dates, re-submission of deferred cases will be communicated to supervisors through email by secretary FYP.
  • In case of any query, email to Secretary FYP Committee.