Final Year Projects

Final Year Projects (FYP) in Department of Computer Science, COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus are considered as group projects mandatory for every student after the completion of 6 semesters. One student is selected as group leader. Supervisors (and Co-supervisors if available) are assigned. FYP ideas are selected with the mutual consent of supervisors/co-supervisors and students.

FYP Management Committee Members:

Convener:  Dr. Shahbaz Akhtar Abid


  • Dr. Zeeshan Gillani
  • Dr. Hasan Jamal
  • Mr. Usman Akram
  • Mr. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti
  • Mr. Abdul Qayyum
  • Ms. Mahwish waqas
  • Ms. Zeenat Afzal
  • Ms. Fareeha Iftikhar
  • Ms Mahrukh Saleem
  • Ms. Iqra Obaid
  • Mr. Rana Muhammad Ajmal
  • Mr. Mohsin Mehdi
  • Ms.Muntaha Iqbal

Secretary: Ms. Humera Afzal

Important Guidelines for Project Selection:

  1. If you are developing an application like web/mobile or industrial, it should be based on innovative idea, not just a simple CRUD application.
  2. Projects that involves research work are allowed. Please note, research work is not a requirement for FYP.
  3. The project should have wide enough scope, to justify a year long effort and 6 credit hours. Please make your proposal in good enough detail to estimate a year long effort.
  4. If you are proposing some product, it must be a realistic and applicable idea.
  5. It must not be a repeated project. A repeated project is one that was already done.
  6. If you want to do an extension work on a previous project, it must be clearly referred on proposal, what they did and what you have planned to do to extend that work.
  7. Project/proposal should not violate rules for students and faculty (given on FYP website).