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E-Assessment System for C/C++ Programming Assignments


Sr. #

Elapsed months from Start of Project








Development of a repository of 100 sample questions for both C and C++ programming languages with marking scheme and solutions

  • Project Initiation report
  • Project Training report
  • Question Bank

In Progress




Integration of static code analyzer for C/C++
Customized feedbacks for students
Grading on the basis of marking scheme

  • Report on the programming questions bank including marking scheme and their respective solutions.
  • List of customized feedbacks

In Progress




Finalization of good programming practices
Implementation of good programming practices as checks that can be configurable
Measurement of memory utilization, CPU utilization, and code length
Complete test data generation
Values and format comparison framework
Grading on the basis of marking scheme
Implementation/integration of algorithm to determine semantic similarity of solutions
Development of corpus of graphs of model solutions
Grading on the basis of similarity

  • Module that can perform static analysis of code to identify various potential problems
  • List of customized feedbacks
  • Programming Style Checking module
  • Black box testing module
  • Demonstration of developed modules
  • Semantic similarity module

In Progress



Implementation of IMS-CC and IMS-DRI for programming exercises interoperability
Identification of response results format of automated assessment system
Development of response results format of automated assessment system
Integration/implementation of plagiarism detection algorithm
Development of visualization of plagiarism detection report

  • Semantic similarity module
  • Report on semantic similarity detection approaches
  • Plagiarism detection module
  • Report on plagiarism detection tools comparison

In Progress




Implementation of modules as web services

  • Service oriented architecture based integrated modules
  • Report on IMS compliant programming exercises/questions to incorporate interoperability
  • Report on response results format of assessment system for interoperability
  • Demonstration of  developed modules

In Progress



Designing of interfaces for students, teachers, and administration using usability engineering iterative process
Thinking aloud test for user interfaces
Heuristics evaluation of user interfaces
Development of user manuals for administrators, teachers and students
Identification of users rights
Implementation of access control policy
Integration of sandboxing
Implementation of server/web security

  • Design report on user interfaces
  • Report on thinking aloud test
  • Report on heuristics evaluation
  • Access control module
  • User manuals of interfaces for administrators, teachers and students

In Progress




Final testing of modules integration
Pilot deployment at host institution
Summative evaluation of interfaces

  • Finalized e-assessment system along with its dissemination and exploitation reports
  • Report on summative evaluation
  • Report on integration of web security
  • Demonstration of developed system

In Progress

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