NRPU 2021 Grant Winner from Department of Chemistry-Dr. Lubna Sherin

Dr. Lubna Sherin, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, CUI-Lahore has won NRPU-2021 grant of 7.728 million PKR for the project ““Development of electrochemical sensing platform for simultaneous detection of multiple trace metal ions in aqueous solution”. Duration of the project is 36 months (3 years) that involves training of one PhD and three MS scholars for research on the subject matter. Due to lack of water quality testing and monitoring infrastructure and limited financial resources, people in Pakistan are facing serious problem in availability of clean and safe water for drinking and domestic purposes. This project aims at the fabrication of robust and cost effective electrochemical sensors for heavy metal ion monitoring of fresh water. Being highly sensitive and selective tool it is anticipated that this will support the development of national water quality testing and monitoring infrastructure. Consequently, it will lessen the economic burden on common people as well as on national health care resources by improving the health of Pakistani population.