SP-21 Publications from Department of Chemistry

Our MS student, Ms. Rimsha Baloch, is successful in getting her thesis work published in Journal Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials with an IF of 1.94. The topic of her accepted paper is: A New Strategy of bi-Alkali Metal Doping to Design Boron Phosphide Nanocages of High Nonlinear Optical Response with Better Thermodynamic Stability. Well Done!
Mr. Muhammad Sohail, MS student, is successful in getting his thesis work published in journal Radiation Physics and Chemistry with an IF of 2.226 (W-category). The topic of his accepted paper is: Influence of bi-Alkali Metals Doping over Al12N12 Nanocage on Stability and Optoelectronic Properties: A DFT Investigation. Well Done to Mr. Sohail and Ms. Faiqa Khaliq. Congratulations Mr. Sohail, Ms. Faiqa and respective supervisor
Ms. Faiqa Khaliq, MS student, is successful in getting her research work (under NRPU project) published in Polyhedron with an IF of 2.343. The topic of her accepted paper is: Exploring Li 4 N and Li 4 O Superalkalis as Efficient Dopants for the Al 12 N 12 Nanocage to Design High Performance Nonlinear Optical Materials with High Thermodynamic Stability. Well Done Ms. Faiqa Khaliq. Ruhma Rashid’s MS work (Synergistic effect of NS Co-doped TiO 2 adsorbent for removal of cationic dyes) (Supervised by Dr. Murid Hussain) has been just accepted for publication in the Journal Environmental Chemical Engineering (IF: 4.300). Moreover, she is succeeded in publishing a review paper relevant to the thesis work (A state-of-the-art review on wastewater treatment techniques: the effectiveness of adsorption method) in Environmental Science and Pollution Research (IF: 3.056). Congratulations Ms Ruhma and respective supervisor!