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The vision of the semantic web is to connect data in order to provide a richer experience for users: enabling links between descriptive text, data sets, visual and audio media, etc., which is tailored to the user needs. The goal is to provide a technology that enables users to find relevant information from within a maze of data - and to allow them to contribute by adding their own knowledge to the available content.
SWRG research group is under the Department of Computer Science, at COMSATS University, in Lahore. The main research focus of the SWRG group is

  • The use of semantic metadata and ontologies for Big Data
  • The use of formal and informal semantics
  • The integration and interplay of deductive (semantic) and statistical methods
  • Methods to establish semantic interoperability between data sources
  • Ways of dealing with semantic heterogeneity
  • Scalability of Semantic Web methods and tools, and Semantic approaches
  • Data Extraction and Integration
  • Web and Schema Data Extraction And Integration
  • Search Engines and Meta-search Engines
  • Ontology based Information Extraction
  • Wrapper Generation and Knowledge Engineering

Group Members

Group Members Designations
Dr. Farrukh Assistant Professor
Sana Rizwan Assistant Professor
Ayesha Sadiq Assistant Professor
Humera Niaz Assistant Professor
Humaira Afzal Lecturer
Humaira Farid Lecturer
Dr. Javaid Sikandar Mirza Served Previously
Dr. Tabbasum Naz Served Previously

Research Publications

  • “Transforming DSpace Database into Ontology”, Humaira Farid, Sharifullah Khan, Muhammad Younus Javed, accepted in 16th International Conference of Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL-2014), Chiang Mai, Thailand. November 2014.
  • "Graphical Ontology and Validation Process for University Fee Structure", Sana Rizwan and Dr. J. S. Mirza (2013), Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR), Vol: March 2013 Vol. 3, Issue: March 2013, Standard: ISSN 2090-4304, Impact Factor: ISI Indexed (Thomson)
  • “Formal Analysis and verification of Arrival Procedure of an Aircraft using Petri nets” Ayesha Sadiq, Farooq Ahmad, Tabbasum Naz, Humera Faisal, Journal of American  Science, Vol 9, N 3: 221-228, ISSN: 1545-1003, Thomson Reuters ISI indexed, 2013
  • "Statistical Analysis of Food Supplements in School Going Children", Sana Rizwan, Dr. Rizwan Rabbani Baig, Humera Niaz (2013), Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR), Vol: May 2013, Vol 3, Issue: May 2013, Standard: ISSN 2090-4304, Impact Factor: ISI Indexed
  • "A Survey of Automatic Mapping of Ontology to Relational Database Schema", Humaira Afzal, Tabbasum Naz, Ayesha Sadiq (2013), Research Journal of Recent Sciences, Vol: Accepted, Standard: 2277-2502, Impact Factor: 0.3722
  • “Validation and data extraction of XML by Xquery”, Anila Rasheed and J.S Mirza, Journal of Applied Science engineering and technology (Maxwell), Article 12154-RJASET-DOI, ISI Thomson 2013
  • “Improving Processer Efficiency by pipelining, Cache, and Virtual Memory”, Shabana Samreen and J.S Mirza, Research Journal of applied Science, engineering and Technology, ISI Indexed, 2013
  •   “Publishing Institutional Repositories Metadata on the Semantic Web”, Humaira Farid, Sharifullah Khan, Muhammad Younus Javed in proceedings of 8th IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2013), Islamabad, Pakistan. September 2013.
  • “Fully Automatic Mapping of Ontology to Relational Database Schema”, Humaira Afzal (2013) Submitted to the Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (ISI Indexed and Impact Factor).
  • “Approaches for Loss-less Mapping from Relational Database to OWL Ontologies”, Maham Shujah,Tabbasum Naz, Ayesha Sadiq, Research Journal   of Recent Sciences, Accepted ISSN: 2277-2502, ISI Indexed, 2012
  • “Impact of ICT Solutions: Outsourcing on Organizations Performance in Telecom Sector”, Erum Naz, Bakhtiar Ali, Tabbasum Naz, Ayesha Sadiq, The  Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, Vol. 3, No. 5, ISSN: 2090-4304, Thomson Reuters ISI indexed, 2012
  • "Semantic Modeling of a University Fee Structure", J. S. Mirza, Tabbasum Naz, Sana Rizwan, Imran Latif  ICAMS- NUST 2011
  • "Equivalent classes in developing E-Learning ontology", Mirza J S; S.A.Hayat; Sana Rizwan, sami ullah, 2010 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Information Technology (ICIIT 2010)
  • “Configurable meta-search in the Job Domain, In: International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology”, Tabbasum Naz, Jürgen Dorn and Alexandra Poulovassilis (2010), vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 33-57
  • “Ontology based Automatic ETL for Marine Geoscientific Data”, Tabbasum Naz, Yassine Lassoued and Richard Wallace (Sep 2010), In: Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society Annual Conference with Irish Earth Observation Symposium, pp. 53-60, Cork, Ireland
  • “Context and Intention in Ontologies”, Richard Wallace and Tabbasum Naz (Aug 2010), In: The ECAI-10 Workshop on Automated Reasoning about Context and Ontology Evolution, Lisbon, Portugal
  • “Ontologies with Intent”, Tabbasum Naz and Richard Wallace (May 2010), In: 6th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems, Toronto, Canada
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  • "Preparing New element learning in RDF/Owl Vocabularies”, Mirza J S, S A Hayat, M Shahid Bhatti, Sana Rizwan, Sami Ullah (2010)
  • "Representation of class Equivalence in OWL", Mirza J S (2010), Science International
  • “Configurable Meta-search in the Human Resource Domain: A Hybrid Approach to Schema and Data Integration for Meta-search Engines”, Tabbasum Naz and Jürgen Dorn (2009), LAP-Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-8383-0230-0

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