Message From HoD

The Department of Physics at CUI Lahore, which is more than a decade old, has quickly emerged as one of the most significant platforms hosting the highest number of PhD faculty members in Lahore. This is complemented by our state-of-the-art Research and Academic Labs. We offer an environment that is most conducive to inspiring students with the miracles of Physics as a foundational science and the promising career opportunities it provides.
Our highly specialized faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and instilling a sense of pride and confidence in our students. We aim to transform them into knowledgeable experts in their field, who are acutely aware of their potential benefits and opportunities in their professional careers. We offer our students ample opportunities to improve their communication and presentation abilities as scientists. This is achieved through arranging seminars, conferences, competitions, and educational trips. We also provide an interface with numerous scholarship opportunities both internally and at the international level for those aiming to pursue their careers abroad. Our department is well-equipped with modern facilities, including sophisticated characterization labs like Spectroscopy & Microscopy Labs, Clean Energy Research lab, Microwave Spectroscopy lab, Nano Composite lab, and Nano Synthesis lab. We are integrated with other Departments for additional characterization, fabrication, and synthesis facilities, offering a comprehensive research facility package to our students.
Our undergraduate academic labs are also well equipped with the most modern experimental setups, designed to nurture the basic knowledge of undergraduate students. Our spacious, air- conditioned lecture rooms are equipped with multimedia facilities to promote and facilitate student learning. Our team of professionals is strongly committed to delivering high-quality education, aimed at making a real difference and creating highly competent professionals in the job market. We warmly welcome you to join us and train yourself for a promising future in Physics. This is a dynamic field of foundational science that underpins many engineering fields.
By immersing yourself in Physics, you will be nurtured and trained under our team's guidance to become indispensable to many industries, leading their engineers to manufacture technologies based on your designs. We invite you to explore the field of Physics and enjoy its promising career opportunities by joining the Department of Physics at CUI Lahore.

Dr. Rizwan Raza (Tenured Professor)
Head of Department