A brief Report on International Symposium on “Contemporary approaches in the arena of Medical, Biophysics and Energy Materials”

One Day Symposium on “Contemporary approaches in the arena of Medical, Biophysics and Energy Materials” was organized by Department of Physics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore on February 21, 2018. The symposium focused on the latest and exciting innovations in different areas of Medical and Biophysics research which directed towards a unique opportunity for students and investigators/researchers from different network, and perceived new scientific innovations. The symposium was graced with many distinguished professors from international and national universities. Professors and scholars were also being invited from some other institutes. A galaxy of thoughts and gracious presence of distinguished guest made the symposium memorable The programme was divided in different sessions for one day activity. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed welcomed to all the distinguished guests, speakers and participants. The convener of symposium was Dr. Muhammad Hammad Aziz who also facilitated it with Dr. Rizwan Raza. In the first session, Dr. Jung-Sik Kim, Loughborogh, UK explored the informations on cell integrated thin-film sensor array for in-situ monitoring of SOFC temperature. Mr. Afzal Farooqi, KTH, Sweden also shred his view on thin-film sensor array for in-situ monitoring of SOFC. After tea, Dr. Fang Yang, Ningbo University, China delivered an interesting talk on functionalized radiolabeled nanoparticles. The next idea on different electro-magnetic neuro-stimulating techniques and their potential applications in neuro-modulation and cognitive rehabilitation was explored by Dr. Muhammad Nabeel, NUST, Islamabad. Dr. Mujtaba-ul-Hassan, PIEAS, Islamabad also shared his views on up conversion of nanoparticles for targeted therapy. After Lunch, Dr. Fakhar-e-alam, GC University, Faisalabad also delivered a talk on Photodynamic therapy.  Mr. Aseer Abbas, Tehran University, Iran shared some good information for the scientific research community expressing the advanced treatment tools. However, the symposium concluded with a discussion on potential therapies for cancer nuclear imaging and photodynamic therapy and proposed possible new research avenues to explore moving forward. There was also a unanimous interest in holding more symposiums and conferences in the future and also seeing if research pertaining to Targeted cancer therapy and imaging could be integrated into the broader-scale. All in all, this symposium was a productive time of research presentation, idea discussion, and potential therapy proposals by these top researchers in order to further the goal of developing a suitable treatment and cure for patients. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Saadat Anwar siddiqi also joined the programme and come across the discussed points on targeted therapy and drug delivery. He also clarified on the key issues from cancer diagnostic and neuroimaging point of view that was very informative to all. At the end, the symposium concluded with the distribution of shields among the participants and the organizers of the event presented by the Prof. Dr. Saadat Anwar siddiqi, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed.