Dr. Muhammad Fraz Bashir is the Fisrt Plasma physicist of Pakistan whose research work was selected and presented at World’s Largest Earth science Meeting “American Geophysical Fall Meeting” 12-16 December, San Francisco USA.

Dr. Muhammad Fraz Bashir is Space Plasma Physicist at department of Physics, CIIT Lahore and working on theoretical and numerical modeling of space weather exploration program. He is the first Plasma Physicist of Pakistan whose research work has been selected as an oral talk at world’s largest Earth science meeting “American Geophysical Fall Meeting 2016” 12-16 December held at San Francisco, USA with more than 26000 participants this year. The title of talk presented was “Marginal Instability Threshold Condition of Ordinary Mode for Anisotropic Kappa Distributions” related to modeling the solar wind interaction with Earth’s magnetic field and explained the solar wind data obtained from Goddard Space Center, NASA on the basis of wave-particle interaction by using the numerical simulation in relation to NASA’s space-weather exploration program. However due to last time refusal of Travel grant presented by his coauthor Prof. Dr. Peter Yoon (Univ. of Maryland, USA)