Dr. Ghazanfar Abbas presented his research work regarding fuel cell technology in International conference on “CC3DMR 2016” South Korea

Dr. Ghazanfar Abbas presented his research paper entitles “Electrochemical Study of Nano-composite Anode for Energy Conversion Applications (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)” in Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research (CC3DMR) CC3DMR 2016 being held on 20th June to 24th June 2016 at Conventia, Incheon/Seoul, South Korea. The conference was arranged by Kawangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea. The research work falls into category of fuel cell technology and nano technology. This visit was fully funded by Higher Education Commission, HEC Pakistan via vide letter No. 249.05/TG/R&D/HEC/2016. He also visited the SUNGKYUNKWAN University, Korea and met with Prof. Wonyoung Lee to develop collaboration in future. One of conference delegates, Prof. Dr. Masao Nagase from Tokushima University, Japan has promised to work our students on Graphene research work.