Refresher course for Object Oriented Programming with Java

Relationship between Class, Reference and Object; Primitive Type vs Reference Type; Initializing Objects with Constructors; Static methods and static fields; Declaring methods, Method-Call Stack and Activation Record Method Overloading; Introduction to Enum Type; Argument Promotion and Casting; Scope of Declarations; Arrays: Declaring and Creating Arrays; Iterating Arrays, Fetching and Changing Elements; Using Multidimensional Arrays; Introduction to Collections, Enhance for Loop; Default Constructor and Constructor Overloading Composition; Packages, static imports, final instance variables; Garbage Collection; Getting data from command line arguments; Inheritance, Super classes and subclasses; Protected members; Relationship between super classes and subclasses; Constructors in subclasses; Overriding; Polymorphism; Abstract Classes and Methods; Assignment between superclass and subclass objects ;Polymorphism Examples; Final methods and Classes; Creating and Using Interfaces; Interfaces and Polymorphism; Interface Polymorphism Examples; Issues with calling methods from constructors; Interface enhancement in Java 8 Exceptional handling; try, catch and finally block; When to use exception handling; Checked and Runtime exceptions; Files Streams and Object Serialization; Files and Streams, Class File; Sequential-Access Text Files; Object Serialization; Classes and Interfaces for Byte and Character Based IO; Introduction to Generic Collections; Generic Classes and Methods; Anonymous classes

Start Date: Monday, August, 02 2021
End Date : Friday, August 20, 2021
Class schedule (daily Monday to Friday) :
Theory 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Lab : 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Registration Fee : Rs 1000/- ( non-refundable)

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Special Note : This is a refresher course and as such it is NOT for students who have not studied OOP yet.
Instuctor : Nadeem Ghafoor Chaudhry

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