Bachelor of Science in Statistics - BS (Stat)

Program Introduction

The four years degree program is a unique and diverse degree program that offers one year specialization in four major areas of most demanding professions around the globe.BS Statistics offers a progressive curriculum designed to develop strong quantitative skills that provides basis for specialization in following four major areas;

BS Statistics Specialization in Bio-Statistics

Bio-statistics is a discipline that is fundamental to biomedical and agricultural research problems. Bio-statistician will learn both statistical theory and software programs, making them competent and marketable after graduation. Biostatistics has improved our ability to draw valid inferences from life science data. The role of Biostatistics is thus to advance statistical science and its application primarily to life science problems.Areas of employment of the graduate from this program include academia, healthcare sector and applied life science research.

BS Statistics Specialization in Applied Statistics

Statistics provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills related to probability, mathematical statistics, data analysis, and statistical computing. With the recent rise of Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics, the demand for this set of skills has increased substantially. Potential job m market for BS statistics include Academia, Research and development organizations, as well as all major sector of economy.

BS Statistics Specialization in Operations Research

Operational research uses advanced statistical and analytical methods to help improve the complex decision-making processes to deliver a product or service. Working in this field, you might be identifying future needs for a business, evaluating the time-life value of a customer, or carrying out computer simulations for operations. Graduates of this program join Manufacturing and Service sectors as operations research analyst in local and international markets

BS statistics Specialization in Quality Management

Quality management is among the most demanding professions in all sectors of economy. Quality managers evaluate, develop and establish programs to ensure the best products or services from a company are delivered. Their operational and managerial expertise enables them to make effective changes within an organization for sustainability and competitive advantage. Graduate of this program can join the industry as, Quality Assurance Managers, Service Quality Managers, Internal/External Auditors, Quality System Champions and Management Consultants


  • Graduates in BS-Statistics could have progressive career opportunities in professional organizations and industry: bureau of Statistics, Banking sector, financial institutions, manufacturing sector, education sector, research & development, quality assurance & quality control and health care sector.
  • Graduates in BS-Statistics, interested in academic profession may peruse not only for MS/PhD in Statistics but also in many allied fields, like Information Technology, Project management, and Econometrics.

Eligibility Criteria

At least 12-years education from an accredited educational institution, with a minimum of 50% marks. Valid NTS score as per policy of CIIT.

Program Duration

The duration of studies for BS Statistics shall normally be not less than four years and not more than six years.

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