Prof. Dr. M. T. Afzal Dean / Rector Design thesis projects integrates diversity, new perspectives and in-depth research into the field of visual communication Read More >>
Prof. Dr. Asad Hussain Director Thesis Degree Show displays remarkable projects that reflect students’ creativeness and development ... Read More >>
Farrah Mahmood Chairperson Our graduates are creative individuals who tell our stories and express the truths of our society. Read More >>
Muhammad Ashraf Head, DoAD This is an academic endeavors by the students and faculty. This year 14 students are presenting ...Read More >> Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Shakir Khan Thesis Supervisor The amount of interest and persistence which students have shown throughout year-long practice is remarkable ... Read More >> Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Hira Nadeem Thesis Supervisor Design Thesis is an independent creative journey based on individual’s analytical thinking... Read More >> Facebook Twitter Linkedin