About Us

Introduction to the Department

The five-year program in architectural design, aims to impart creative skills, develop critical thinking and groom an individual in a multi-disciplinary/holistic educational environment to achieve excellence in architectural design and explore new avenues for design application. Academic evolution, inter-disciplinary innovation and process-oriented learning forms the core teaching pedagogy and practice.
The five-year undergraduate degree in architectural design, serves as an introduction to the diverse aspects of architectural domain, prepares an individual to pursue a future in both practice and academia and excel through innovative and critical thinking both locally and globally.
The program aims to: Develop traditional and contemporary skills associated with architectural design Encourage critical thinking and a habit of constructive questioning Impart multi-disciplinary and holistic knowledge of related fields Develop process-based approach towards architectural design, Encourage lifelong learning, continuous evolution and innovative development Develop a bridge between practice-academia and mediate between local-global for holistic learning