Guest Lecture by Mumtaz Shahnawaz & Andrew D. Kraus

On 11th May, The Department of Architecture and Design at CUI Lahore held a guest lecture by two astounding Architects. The Theme of the Lecture was 'Digital and Parametric Design' and the Architects shared valuable insights into their professional projects.
Mumtaz Shah Nawaz and Andrew Krauss are the founding partners of Variant Architecture. Ms. Shah Nawaz and Mr. Krauss each received their Master’s Degrees in Architecture from Columbia University in New York. They have sat on architectural juries at UPenn and locally here at NCA.
Their practice is an exploration of both digital / computational design and advanced fabrication technologies and materials. They have carried out design projects in the US and in Pakistan, but since 2010 they have concentrated their efforts on design and construction of residential projects here in Lahore.