The Program Team

The Program Team (PT) collects and records information/data related to an on-going program in a department, as per the requirements of the Self Assessment Manual, and prepares the Self Assessment Report.

The Program Team is formed by the HoD and comprises two or three faculty members from within the department. The role and responsibilities of a Program Team (PT) include:

  • To participate in all training sessions and workshops that are being organized from the platform of QEC for Program Team
  • To ensure that Self Assessment Mechanism is being implemented as per given guidelines
  • To collect and document all the information required to fulfill the prescribed standards under each criterion of Self Assessment Manual
  • To ensure that every criterion and standard as required by HEC in Self-Assessment Manual is properly addressed while developing SAR (Self-Assessment Report) of any program offered and to provide justification for each standard if it is not applicable
  • To prepare drafts of the SAR on the given dead line and send them to QEC
  • To keep the record of all the supporting documents addressing various standards of the SAR.
  • To conduct all surveys mandatory for the development of SAR. Analyze the survey’s results and include analysis in SAR ensuring the security and confidentiality of all the documents and surveys’ results until and unless not publicized by QEC
  • To attend all meetings arranged by QEC for Quality Assurance
  • To work according to timelines devised by QEC so that all of the activities can be completed in time to meet the HEC deadlines
  • To communicate with the management on the effectiveness and suitability of the SA mechanism
  • To coordinate with other departments and faculty members as and when required for the completion of the SAR

Team Members

Program Team (PT) Members (2019) CUI, Lahore Campus Quality Assurance & Assessment

Name Designation Department Email
Dr. Riffat Jabeen Assistant Professor. Statistics
M. Asif Ikram Anjum Lecturer Humanities
Dr. Farzana Ashraf Assistant Professor. Humanities
Dr. Masooma Irfan Assistant Professor. Chemistry
Dr. M Shahid Nazir Assistant Professor. Chemistry
Ms.Kanawal Rashid Lecturer Chemistry
Dr. M. Ihtisham Umar Assistant Professor. Pharmacy
Ms.Neelam Zaman Lecturer Pharmacy
Dr. Waqas Anwar Associate Professor. Computer Science
Dr. Wjahat M.Qazi Assistant Professor. Computer Science
Fakhar-un-Nisa Lecturer Economics
Dr. Asim Ai khan Assistant Professor. Electrical Engineering
Dr. Ikram-ullah Khosa Assistant Professor. Electrical Engineering
Husain Haider Assistant Professor. Architecture &Design
Ms. Maira Khan Lecturer Architecture &Design
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Assistant Professor. Chemical Engineering
Dr. Abrar Faisal Assistant Professor. Chemical Engineering
Dr. Tahir Aziz Khan Assistant Professor. Management Sciences
Dr.M. Yasir Rafique Assistant Pro. Physics