IPE (Institutional Performance Evaluation)

University Portfolio Report
QEC at CUI, Lahore Campus prepares Campus Portfolio Report according to the performance evaluation standards set by HEC. This report is made part of University Portfolio Report (UPR) of CUI.

In this report, information is provided on eleven standard outlined by HEC. These standards outline major areas to be focused on by the University for evaluation of their effectiveness and future development. These standards are given below;

  • Standard 1: Mission Statement and Goals
  • Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation
  • Standard 3: Organization and Governance
  • Standard 4: Integrity
  • Standard 5: Faculty
  • Standard 6: Students
  • Standard 7: Institutional Resources
  • Standard 8: Academic Programs and Curricula
  • Standard 9: Public Disclosure & Transparency
  • Standard 10: Assessment & Quality Assurance
  • Standard 11: Student Support Services

Self Assessment Reports (SARs)
Each academic program undergoes a self-assessment (SA) every two years (assessment cycle). The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is responsible for planning, coordinating and following-up on the self-assessment (SA) activities. The steps of the procedure for SA are as follows:

  • The QEC initiates the SA one semester prior to the end of the assessment cycle through the Vice Chancellor / Rector Office in which the program is offered. However, if the program is undergoing the SA for the first time, the department will be given one academic year for preparation.
  • Upon receiving the initiation letter the department shall form a program team (PT). The PT will be responsible for preparing a self-assessment report (SAR) about the program under consideration over a period of one semester. They will be the contact group during the assessment period.
  • The department shall submit the SAR to the QEC through the concerned Dean. The QEC reviews the SAR within one month to ensure that it is prepared according to the required format.
  • The Vice Chancellor / Rector form a program assessment team (AT) in consultation with the QEC recommendations within one month. The AT comprises of 2-3 faculty members from within or outside the university. The AT must have at least one expert in the area of the assessed program.
  • The QEC plans and schedules the AT visit period in coordination with the department that is offering the program.
  • The AT conducts the assessment, submits a report and presents its findings in an exit meeting that shall be attended by the QEC, Dean and PT and faculty members.
  • The QEC shall submit an executive summary on the AT findings to the Vice Chancellor / Rector.
  • The Department shall prepare and submit an implementation plan to QEC based on the AT findings. The plan must include AT findings and the corrective actions to be taken, assignment of responsibility and a time frame for such actions.
  • The QEC shall follow up on the implementation plan to ensure departments are adhering to the implementation plan. The academic department shall inform the QEC each time a corrective action is implemented. QEC shall review the implementation plan once a semester to assess the progress of implementation.


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