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What is Pak China Business Forum (PCBF)?

Pak China Business Forum is an academia driven model of business to business cooperation between Pakistani and Chinese businessmen, academia and entrepreneurs. The forum was introduced in the year 2012 with an aim to bridge academia-industry linkages between local and Chinese firms. The forum is held under the umbrella of Ministry of Science and Technology. It is specifically designed to address the most important subject of breaking the barriers of academia based research driven outputs and their translation into products for industrial and corporate sectors. It also supports the idea of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and aims to take the relations of both countries to new economic heights.

What are the objectives of Pak China Business Forum?

The objectives set forth for the Pak China Business Forum are as under:

  • To provide a platform for interaction between Chinese and Pakistani entrepreneurs and businessmen;
  • To provide opportunities for technology transfer;
  • To explore possibilities of attracting FDI from China;
  • To provide business opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs;
  • The Forum also helps in providing opportunity for commercialization of products and processes developed at CUI and other participating organization.

What are the themes of Pak China Business Forum?

Themes for Pak China Business Forum have been selected after thorough consultation with the Chinese partners. The themes cover current issues and almost all the industrial aspects. It is important that the participating companies fall under these themes. They are as follows:

  • Renewable energy technologies
  • New energy technologies
  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Water conservation, purification & sanitation.
  • Biomedical materials
  • General

Who should participate in the Pak China Business Forum?

  • Companies and businesses wanting to expand their business in International market
  • Businesses looking for joint investment opportunities in Pakistan
  • Businesses wanting to attract foreign investors
  • Academia looking forward to sharing of knowledge and industry – academia linkages
  • Academia looking for foreign grants and exchange of skills

Why does COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) organize Pak China Business Forum?

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) has introduced an academia driven model of business cooperation by conducting Pak China Business Forum on annual basis. The forum is organized under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Raheel Qamar (T.I), Rector- CUI. The aim of the forum is to encourage, further and promote business, mutual understanding, and friendly relationships between the industrial and business communities of Pakistan and China.

What are the benefits of Pak China Business Forum to its participants?

Pak China Business Forum provides a channel of communication and networking within the business community, and between the Forums and both Governments to promote the culture, traditions, arts and craft, and knowledge of the two countries. The forum so far has been successful in bringing more than 500 businesses together through MOUs and agreements which have matured into blooming businesses.

What are the business opportunities provided by the Pak China Business Forum?

  • Setting up production units in Pakistan
  • Establishing training centers for unskilled labour
  • Possible industrial/ academic/ welfare/ infrastructure collaboration with Chinese/ Pakistani counter parts
  • Employment opportunities

How many forums have been held so far?

So far, five Pak China Business forums have been held.

What were the venues of the previous forums?

The first four Pak China Business Forums since 2012 were held in Islamabad. However, the fifth Pak China Business Forum was organized in Lahore. Lahore being the second largest hub of economic activities in Pakistan after Karachi contributed in attracting increased participation.

How many Chinese and local companies participated in the PCBF 2016?

The 5th Pak China Business Forum 2016 was held in Lahore which attracted a large number of Chinese and local exhibitors. It was estimated that around 700 Chinese delegations and 400 Chinese companies and about 200 local investors and 100 local companies participated in the event.

How can I participate in the forum? What are the criteria for participation?

You can participate in the following ways:

  • By showcasing you products
  • Business meetings
  • As a visitor interested in import/ export
  • Investors looking for opportunities

The selection of the companies to participate in Pak China Business Forum however, is based on the given themes.

What has been the trend of Chinese participation in PCBF?

The trend of Chinese participation in the forum has always been on the higher side. In 2012, 14 Chinese companies participated which increased in number to 32 companies from China in 213. The number further increased to 130 Chinese companies in 2014. In 2015, 200 Chinese companies represented by 300 Chinese delegates participated which increased to 400 companies 2016. The representatives from China also increased from 300 to 700 in 2016.

What are the facilities given to the exhibitors?

  • Pre-fabricated stalls/ booth
  • Chair
  • Display tables
  • Single power connection
  • Internet, printing and photocopy facilities are also available at the venue

What are the dimensions of the stall/booth? Would the stall/booth be pre-fabricated?

Each stall is 3*3 meter or 10*10 feet. However, it can be extended by adding more stalls. Yes they will be pre fabricated.

How do I book a stall/booth at Pak China Business Forum?

You can either fill the online registration form or you can download the registration form and send it to the given address by post or send it by email.

Can I get a stall/booth at my desired location?

Yes, booth can be taken at the desired location. However, extra charges will be applied according to the location of the booth/ stall. For details send us an email at the email addresses given below.

What are B2B meetings?

B2B or Business to Business meetings are held between two companies having same business interests.

Where are B2B meetings held?

A place is specifically allocated within the venue where B2B meetings are held.

How can I schedule a B2B meeting?

You can schedule a B2B meeting by mentioning it in the registration form or by sending in an email. B2B meetings are free of cost and no charges apply on them.

How are MoUs signed?

When an understanding is reached between two parties, Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) is signed. The MoUs are official proceedings to record the meeting. We will be providing the facility free of cost at the venue. A designated location and photograph

FAQs for Shipment of Goods


Q1: How can I ship my goods for the exhibition at Lahore, Pakistan?

Answer: Goods can be shipped both by air and by sea route. By Air shipment would reach at Lahore Air Port while shipment via sea route will reach Karachi Sea Port.

Q2: How much time it will take for the goods to clear from customs and reach exhibition venue?

Answer:  If shipment arrives at Lahore Air Port, it would take 4-5 days for custom clearance and to reach exhibition venue. However, it normally requires around 15 days for custom clearance and transportation of goods from Karachi sea port to exhibition venue at Lahore; therefore, meet the deadline as communicated in earlier emails.

Q3: What is the consignee name and address for sending goods to Pakistan?

Answer: It is strongly suggested to all Chinese companies to ship their goods through any reliable cargo/forwarding company having facility to ship goods from China to Pakistan and clear the goods from customs and deliver at our door step, i.e. exhibition center. Hence, name of the consignee will depend on which agent you are using for shipping of your goods.

Q4:  Can Chinese company mention consignee name and address as COMSATS University?

Answer: In fact, a change in policy by Govt. of Pakistan has been made which requires importer to produce a documents (EI Form) issued by its bank which will show that the payment has been remitted by the consignee to the company of whom goods are to be cleared. As there is no payment being remitted by COMSATS to any of Chinese company, such form would not be issued by our bank making shipment clearance impossible.
问4:中国企业可以把COMSATS University作为展品的收件人和收件地址吗?
答:实际上,巴基斯坦政府做了一些政策的更改。新的政策要求进口商生成一份由其银行签发的文件(EI 表格),该文件将证明收件人已经把货款付给需清关货物所属的原公司。 因为COMSATS无需给任何中国企业支付货款,所以我们的银行不会给我们签发这份清关需用的文件。

Q5:  What is the alternative option regarding consignee name and address?

Answer: There is an alternative/ hassle free way of shipping goods through any reliable cargo company. For your convenience, following cargo company is referred which has its associate offices in China as well. Services of this cargo company were availed by few Chinese companies during PCBF-2016 and all the shipments were handled very professionally by them.
All goods need to be delivered in their china’s warehouses which will be their responsibility to deliver at the exhibition venue in Lahore, Pakistan after customs clearance.

Pakistan Office Detail巴基斯坦办公室联系方式

Mr. Muhammad Shahid,
CEO, CargoGiants International (Pvt) Ltd
1-S 1-B Canal Park, Gulberg II, Lahore Pakistan
Tel: +92 42 35877290-92-94-95-96,  Fax: +92 42 3571992
Cell: 0092 300 4017090 / 332 5877290
Email: shahid@cargogiants.com, Online: shahid_mehr@hotmail.com / shahid_mehr1@yahoo.com
Skype / MSN: shahid_mehr  Website: www.cargogiants.com 

China Office Detail中国办公室联系方式


For Air Cargo(空运)
CONTACT PERSON: MS. MONICA, CELL: 0086 13560356149

For Ocean Cargo(海运)
CONTACT PERSON: MS SERRY, CELL: 0086 13110922871

Q6:  What are and who will pay the charges for shipping and clearing goods from customs?

 Answer: All transportation and relevant charges shall be paid by the Chinese company intending to exhibit its products at the forum. Detail about the rates will be quoted by the agent after you provide them the packing list.

Q7:  Which documents are required for shipping goods?

Answer: Documents requirement may vary from one agent to other. However, following documents are normally required for shipment clearance.

  • Bill of Lading a(for sea port) or Airway Bill (for Airport)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Any other as required by the agent or custom authorities


Q8:  Is there any special note or guideline?


  • No documents to be attached with goods.
  • All goods packing list to be provided to their agent.
  • Airfreight cargo can’t move any battery or cells or DGR cargo, so just be sure of this.

请确保空运的货物不含有电池或者 DGR cargo

Q9:  Who is the contact person for obtaining any further information about goods shipment and other relevant issues?

Answer: Below are the contact details of relevant official of COMSATS Lahore campus.

Mr. Imran Qureshi
Manager Procurement
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.
Tel: +92-42-99204779
Cell/Whatsapp: +92-321-4323437 
Email: miqureshi@ciitlahore.edu.pk


If your question is not answered here please write to us at pcbfsecretariat@ciitlahore.edu.pk


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