PCBF Activities

Major activities of PCBF are as follows:-

  • PCBF secretariat is working as a central instrument for the promotion and expansion of bilateral economic relations between China and Pakistan.
  • It will facilitate networking among the two countries through mutual sharing and management of knowledge.
  • Liaison and communication throughout the year with Public sector institutions such as Lahore Chambers of Commerce, Punjab Board of Trade and Investment, Higher Education Department etc for ensuring cooperation for the forum.
  • Promoting exchanges of knowledge, business and experts between the two countries.
  • It will establish the connectivity with the local industry situated in Lahore and other connected cities to promote local business.
  • Marketing and creating awareness about the business forum among the masses throughout the year through different media networks.
  • Organizing visits to Pakistani and Chinese delegations to draw on the strengths and achievements of the countries in the region through study tours and to expand and maintain network of business contacts.
  • Lobbying for improved market access of Pakistani and Chinese companies.
  • Making follow ups of the status of MOUs and agreements signed between different companies of China and Pakistan during the forum.

News & Events

June 10, 2019
Pak China Business Forum Secretariat at CUI, Lahore Campus is proud to announce 7th Pak China Business Forum - Industrial Expo 2019 from September 2-4, 2019 at Expo Center Lahore