History: International Symposium on Biomedical Materials

Fourth Symposium: Translational Research and Commercialization, December 15-17, 2014

The 4th International Symposium on Biomedical Materials: Translational Research and Commercialization was held on the 16th & 17th December, 2014. Some of internationally acclaimed scientists and researchers from Pakistan and abroad were a part of the symposium. Prof. Dr. Ihtesham-ur-Rehman (University of Sheffield, UK), Prof. Jawwad A. Dar (University College London, UK), Prof. Jean L. Marty (Universite de Perpignan, France), Prof. Jukka P. Matinlinna (Hong Kong University), Prof. Jonathan C. Knowles (University College London, UK), Prof. John W. Haycock (University of Sheffield, UK) and Dr. Nicola Green (Sheffield, UK) were the notable international participants of the event. The aims of the symposium were;

  • Enabling scientists to understand clinical needs and their translation into lab activity
  • Getting clinicians to think about lab based research
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research in biomedical materials
  • Involvement of public and private sector in biomedical materials research and development
  • Adopting bio and research ethics protocols
  • Developing scientist and clinician sensitivity to regulatory affairs
  • Facilitation of industry-scientist-clinician linkages
  • Public engagement and knowledge dissemination

The themes included in the scientific sessions were as follows:

  • Materials in Orthopedics and Clinical Dentistry
  • Skin Repair and Regeneration
  • Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
  • Cell Based Therapies
  • Drug Delivery & Nanotechnology
  • Biomimetics and Nature Derived Biomaterials
  • Implants, Coatings and Medical Devices
  • Sensors, Biosensors and their Biomedical Applications
  • Materials for Cancer Treatment
  • Current clinical approaches related to;
    • Skeletal repair
    • Cardiovascular repair
    • Functional Neurosurgery
    • Skin injuries
    • Ophthalmology
    • Cancer Treatment