Bachelor of Design

The Program in Design (B-Des) requires a critical engagement with historic and contemporary practices, relating social, cultural, and political contexts. It emphasizes creative, critical, and strategic thinking, by synthesizing practice, theory, and history to educate the design leaders of tomorrow. Students are no longer defined by their specialism, but through their creative interpretation of the design brief. The program offers a comprehensiveEXPERIENCE that addresses the social, cognitive, and technological implications of design practice while preparing students for work in the profession and/or graduate study. With incorporation of traditional skills like drawing, printing, and photography for graphic and communicational understanding and development with video, sound, animation and new media; students are encouraged to take appropriate industrial placements and external assignments. Staff is also actively engaged within the graphics industry through consultancy and freelance.

It is a four-year course, spread over eight semesters. The Initial Years impart intensive training in verbal and graphic communication, logical thinking and the ability to theorize. The students are encouraged toEXPERIMENT creatively and critically. The philosophy is analytical and diagnostic with emphasis on solving visual communication problems through the development of original and often surprising solutions, rather than simply focusing on technical media or applying formulaic solutions. In higher years, the students define their goals, experiment with ideas, and challenge current practices to produce work that is outside commercial constraints.

The Bachelor of Design program offers Minors in New Media Design (web, graphic user interface GUI & interactive design), Photography, Film and Documentary, and Art Objects & Accessories and specialization in Visual Communication with currently following two options as a Major:


Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • COMSATS has a policy to offer merit scholarships to outstanding students
  • Qarz-e-Hasana is provided to students on need/merit basis
  • Tuition fee scholarships are available for applicants having Fine Arts in their Intermediate/A-Levels

Admission Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks from an accredited institution. The following procedures are followed for admission:

  • All applicants appear in the entrance test (NTS)
  • All applicants appear in the Creative Aptitude Test conducted by the department
  • A list of selected applicants is prepared observing the following criteria:
    • 30% of General Merit (Matric/O-Levels 03% + Intermediate/A-Levels 12% + NTS 15%)
    • 70% Creative Aptitude Test (Writing 10% + Drawing 40% + Interview 20%)

Important Note: Freehand drawing is a very important component of the Architecture, Communication Design and Interior Design and will be a core component of the degree. It is strongly advised that the candidates applying for the above mentioned programs should partake in freehand drawing classes prior to the admissions test so as to allow them to develop and portfolio/ body of work which can be presented at the time of their interview as well as develop their skills which will be applied during their studies as well.

Studios / Workshops

  • Creative Awakening
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations
  • Design and Presentation
  • Learning Through Experience
  • Invited Talks, Directed Visits, Recording (Photography & Writing)

History, Theory and Critical Analysis

  • Art Appreciation
  • History of Design
  • Theory of Design
  • Design Research
  • Design for Community
  • Research Methodologies

Allied Sciences and Technologies

  • Digital Graphics
  • Advanced Digital Graphics
  • After Effects
  • Photography
  • Advanced Photography
  • Film and Documentary
  • New Media Design (Website, GUI and Interactive Design)

Career prospects

Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Creative Visualisers, Media Experts, Web Experts, Interactive Design Experts, Virtual Environment Designers, Cartoon Designers, Advertising Experts, Music and Sound Experts, Photographers, Design Critics, Educators.