Following topics will be included in this conference:

  • Renewable Energy Technologies/Green Energy/Bio Energy/Clean Energy
  • Role of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Energy Technology Era
  • Solar Cells/Materials for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Thermal Conversion, PV, Catalysis, Photocatalysis
  • Waste to Energy Bio-mass
  • Hybride Renewable Energy System
  • Advanced Materials for Energy Storage Devices (Batteries and Super-capacitors)
  • Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion Devices (Fuel Cells, SOFC, PEMFC, MCFC, and Bio-fuel cells
  • Hydrogen Production and Storage Materials
  • Manufacturing and scale-up including commercialization of nanomaterials
  • Clean Coal Technologies
  • Other Clean Energy Technologies
  • Importance of Copy rights regarding patents, publications, and products by Intellectual Property Organization (IPO)
  • Seminar by Exhibiters/Companies/Sponsors