Nano-SET 2017

The world development depends on the reserved assets, which they have. In this context, the fossil fuel based energy assets are being utilized very fast. They can be hardly fulfilled the present requirements approximately for one century. Therefore, the present energy crisis and future energy demands are creating an alarming situation to generate alternative energy sources particularly renewable energy resources. In order to sustain the developments, it is the need of the day to take initiative in this area. The fabrication of advanced energy conversion devices to use the renewable energy resources is highly appreciated job as well as moral responsibility of the scientist, engineers, and researcher belonging to academia as well as industries.

In view of the above theme, the current practices, recent advances and future challenges should be share among the scientist, and researchers. The Conferences, Symposia, Seminars, and the fruitful Workshops are considered a big platform to share the ideas and research activities towards technologies. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore-Pakistan is going to organize a three day International conference on the impact of nanoscience on energy technologies (NanoSET-2017) from 27-29th September 2017.

The purpose of this conference is to share together ideas and solutions from all over the world, where researchers, engineers, academics as well as industrial professionals from diverse backgrounds will share their thoughts for further development in building renewable sources of energy. The conference will cover areas like Clean Energy, Solar, Hydro, Wind, Biomass, Fuel Cell, batteries, super-capacitors, and energy utilization by means of environmental and economically sustainable technologies.

At a large scale, the conference will also address the advancement of energy conversion and storage technologies for different applications. The special session also will be included for hydrogen production and the storage, as well as the role and potential impact of fuel cells and hydrogen on grid operation and cities. Besides presenting the scientific and technical advances, the suggestions and recommendations from the scientists, research laboratories, institutions, and industrial end user are included in this conference. Exhibitions will be arranged which will provide an excellent opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers to advertise their product.

To deliberate on the energy technologies and to share their achievements in this area, experts from the international Universities especially; from KTH (Sweden), Delaware (USA), Manchester (UK), UCL (UK), St. Andrews (UK), Edinburgh (UK), Aalto (Finland), Tianjin (China), Tsinghua (China), Hebei university (China), Lancaster University (UK), and UTBM.FC lab. (France) are expected to participate. The organizers/participants of the conference would be able to provide solutions based on the need of the 21st century after having free and frank deliberations on the energy issues. It can also help to make Energy Policies for the country.