Muhammad Fahad

A Tolerated Language : Punjabi

Pakistan is a place of linguistic diversity, with over sixty languages spoken. Punjabi is a centuries-old language with a variety of mutually understandable accents. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. Pakistan is a multiethnic and multilingual region, with Punjabi being the mother tongue of 39 percent of Pakistan's population. Despite being the majority's native language in Punjab, the Punjabi language has only minor articulation in the lives of its native speakers. This project focuses on the significance on the usage of Punjabi language by developing new typeface for Punjabi Language. This new typeface was designed by taking inspiration from the two most famous Calligraphy styles (script) e.g., NASTALIQ STYLE and KUFIC STYLES. I decided to communicate to my targeted audience by selecting the poetry of most famous Punjabi Poet BABA BULLEH SHAH, which was selected for the final phase i.e., to display the poetry in typography posters by using the newly designed typeface.