Amnah Zahid

Kahani har ghar ki

The objective of this project was to highlight the issues of unlimited screen time and wrong use of technology that people ignore and to aware them through animation that how it’s so important for all of us to limit our screen time for sustainable future. My animation portrays local Pakistani people who have become technology addicted and it has become an essential tool for children and for adults to spend time on cell phones, etc. We all agree that technology helps us in various ways, also in children education and in learning creative stuff but it has its drawback which people ignore. Nowadays parents get their child a smart phone/ tablet from a very early age. The expanding amount of time children are spending on technology at home, especially in the lockdown situation, has brought up issues about how the tech devices have a negative effect on their lives. Introducing technology to children at a young age or excessive use of tech devices among toddlers can effectively cause negative impacts on children.