Abeera Shakeel Ahmed


My concept is to create awareness about toxicity of sugar and what replacements can be used which are beneficial without side effects. According to research, increased stressed and depression are common issues in Pakistan, resulting in a broken personality.

People suffer from stress and depression when they are forced and helpless. Believe it or not it is scientifically proven that sweet dishes are a mood lifter for 87% of the people in Pakistan. But majority of them can’t have them due to issues caused by sugar such as diabetes, obesity, skin issues, health issues and the list goes on.

This project Bakelayers is about the process of healing for life. It is a bakery that just not only gives the idea of sugar free yet sweet, organic and fresh bakery items for you. But it also promotes and encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle without the fear of giving up on the sweet food you like by baking healthy cakes, donuts and breads and delivering it to your doorstep.