WMAAG 2015
Algebra is one of the main pillars of mathematics and provides many applications to all sciences and disciplines. Graph Theory has proven to be one of the most versatile topics in mathematics and computer sciences due to its applicability to solve many practical problems.
The main objective of this workshop is the promotion of research and study in Algebra and Graph Theory along with their applications at regional level. This Workshop will be useful for the participants to get familiar with the recent research developments in a view to find new active collaborations. This is both a regional meeting and an opportunity for researchers with similar mathematical interests but variations of focus to develop and exchange ideas. This workshop is intended to provide awareness of the importance of some current topics from Algebra and Graph Theory to young research scholars.
Topological Groups, Domains, Algebraic Category Theory, Metric Dimension, Hamiltonion Graphs, Graph Labeling, Fuzzy Graphs, Energy Graphs
Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi (S.I.) (CIIT)

Co-Chair (Administrative):
Dr. M. A. Bodla (CIIT LAHORE)

Co-Chair (Academic):
Dr. Tahira Haroon (CIIT)

Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad (CIIT LAHORE)

workshop Poster
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