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8th Webinar from Webinar Series

Title: Smart grids in Danish context – Challenges and Solutions
Speaker: Løvenstein Olsen

Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University Denmark


Within the last decade the Danish grid has faced an increasing challenge of higher penetration of solar and wind power production in the distribution grids. At the same time, a continuous political pressure to have more electrical cars, heat pumps and other such technologies integrated into the society, also been an increasing challenge. In the national project RemoteGRID and EU project Net2DG we have focused for many years on how to assist DSO’s with increasing observability in the grid to support various applications that addresses these challenges. We have in these projects used field test in Denmark (Thy-Mors area) and an advanced hardware-in-the-loop test bed, based on an OPAL digital simulator with integrated ICT emulation capability. In this talk, the various concepts, challenges, solutions and lessons learned will be elaborated.