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Training Course:

PRESCON Engineering in Collaboration with COMSATS University is organizing the training course on Design, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Vacuum Circuit Breakers in Medium Voltage Networks


Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) are the leading technology in the Medium Voltage Networks (Utilities and Industries). VCB are not only economically feasible but also offers many technical advantages over its competitor technologies. Since, there are many international and local manufacturers present in market, advertising their products. It is the duty of the procurement/end user engineer to ensure that VCB selected is properly rated and the features required are selected according to the requirements. Once rightly designed or selected VCB could save a lot of losses and unwanted outages throughout its service period. Similarly, for project engineers it is extremely important that MV/VCB Switchgear is installed properly and during commissioning all the tests have been developed properly as per International Standards to provide base line for further testing and results comparisons and health analysis of switchgear. Also, for Operation & Maintenance Engineers, they should be aware about basic theory, parameters, correct maintenance procedures, hazards & how to eliminate them during involving the operation and maintenance. This course is targeted to cover parameters and their impacts to installation, commissioning and maintenance engineers.

This course is intended to familiarize the attendees with following topics.

  • Basic Theory & Concepts
  • Various Parameters of VCB and their impacts on performance
  • Requirements and basic criteria’s of Type test of VCB
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Testing & Maintenance Techniques
  • Hazards in Operations and their counter measures


  • This course intended to familiarize the attendees with basic concepts of VCB technology.
  • This course intended to familiarize engineers about the basics of testing (Type tests & FAT).
  • This course intended to familiarize the engineers about the selection/design criteria and their impacts on the performance, maintenance, reliability and life cycle of the VCBs throughout their life.
  • The course intended to familiarize the engineers about the correct installation and commissioning procedures and common mistakes done in the procedure.
  • The course intended to familiarize the engineers about the maintenance procedures and what exactly to look and how to interpret test results and detects faults before they translate to faults and tripping.
  • The course intended to familiarize the engineers about the correct operating procedures, hazards and their corrective actions.

Target Group
Electrical Engineers, Plant Engineers, Design/Selection Engineers, Procurement Engineers, Power Utilities Engineers, Contractors, Consultancy Firms, Professors, Lecturers, and Sales engineers, Safety Engineers.
The certificate of attendance will be issued to the participants on completion of course.
Two days Course (6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Pakistan Time) 15ht & 16th February, 2022.
Online Training Course FEE
Online Training course Fee: 15,000 
Online Fees deposit details of the Bank will be emailed on registration.

PRESCON Engineering =in Collaboration with COMSATS University, Lahore Campus is organizing the Finance for Non-Financial Professional online training course

This course has been designed for capacity enhancement of non-finance professionals of varied backgrounds. No matter if you never been with finance or accounting as an academic subject, the program is aimed to impart vital skills that will enable you to understand interpret and analyze the financial statements and learn the techniques of financial decision making in corporate business environment. You will learn how various business transactions impact financial statements; this learning shall be provided through specially designed excel based classroom and back-home case studies.
Special supplementary sessions would enable you cognize with the legal, corporate and regulatory framework in which contemporary enterprises operate. This is an intensive 4-day program, which includes a wide-ranging coverage of the topic followed by material for self exercises and post training mentorship. 

By the end of the program, participants shall learn the following skills:

  • Understand basic accounting concepts and financial terminology.
  • Understand the composition and contents of key financial statements 
  • Evaluate key financial indicators to assess the financial health and performance of companies.
  • Understand the difference between cash flow and accounting profit.
  • Understand the concept of time value of money and its application in corporate and personal decision making.
  • Assess and determine the viability of different investments through multiple investment appraisal techniques.


Training Plan

Day 0
Pre-session activities
Introductory questionnaire
Pre-session case study

Day 1

Introduction to legal, corporate and regulatory framework
Forms of business enterprises
Legal and regulatory environment 
Corporate structure of enterprises
Information system for financial decision making
Accounting-the language of business
Key accounting terms and concepts
Flow of business transactions and basic structure of financial statements
Discussion on Pre-session case study
Day 2
Financial Statements
Introduction to GAPs and IFRSs.
Detailed structure and components of financial statements 
 Case Study-1
Preparation of a simple income statement and Balance sheet.
Business Analysis
financial analysis techniques
Calculation of ratios and analysis
Application of ratios and analysis decision making
Case study- 2
Analysis of financial statements of a large company

Day 3
Profit versus Cash
Understand the difference between the cash flow and accounting profit
Cash flow analysis and conversion of profit to cash.
Understand the cash operating cycle and what affects a company’s cash flow
Time value of money
Simple interest
Compound interest
Present value
Future value

Day 4

Investment Appraisal Tools
Revisit Discounting cash flows
Cash flow and application of discounting
Calculation of cash flow
Discounting cash flows
Project appraisal techniques for financial decision-making
The payback period method
Net present value method 
Internal rate of return method
Using tables and formulas
Regulatory environment
The case for Pakistan
Post session assignment

Trainer Profile
The trainer has above 20 years of industry experience. He has worked for large scale utility companies at senior management positions. His portfolio mainly includes financial management, contract management, financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, project feasibility and energy tariffs. For more than two decades, he has been associated with teaching, training and research. He has worked for UCP Business School, ICMA Pakistan and LUMS as an adjunct faculty and trainer. He has an MS in Banking and Finance from COMSATS and holds graduate degrees in Business Administration (from UCP) and Law (from PU) and also is a fellow Cost & Management Accountant.

Target Group
This program is designed for young aspirants as well as experienced professionals who are working in various functional areas in their organizations such as engineering, commercial, IT, human resources, and general administration etc. Individuals with non-finance background who aspire to rise in their respective career are highly recommended to invest in this learning experience.

The certificate of attendance will be issued to the participants on completion of course.

There is no prerequisite for the training course.

O5 day Course (6:00 pm to 9:30 pm, Pakistan Time)
Dates: 19th, 25th & 27th February 2022,
5th & 6th March 2022 .
Online Training Course FEE
Online Training course Fee: 25,000 PKR + GST
Online Fees deposit details of the Bank will be emailed on registration.

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