ERC Publications


  1. Azeem, F., Narejo, G. B., Ahmad, M., Khan, M. S., Ahmed, N., & Khan, U. A. (2016). DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF SOLAR PANEL CLEANING KIT FOR STREET LIGHTS AND GROUND MOUNTED SYSTEMS. Science International, 28(5).
  2. Haziq, M., Azman, K. U., Azeem, F., Narejo, G. B., Joyo, M. K., Jaffery, M. H., ... & Tariq, A. (2016). An Analysis of Islanded Hybrid Microgrid Implementation Using Canals as Micro Hydro Power Source with Solar PV for Rural Areas of Pakistan. Sindh University Research Journal-SURJ (Science Series), 48(4D).