Visit of Chinese Experts to COMSATS University Lahore Campus

Two Chinese Experts in Biomass Energy, Dr. Liu Huacai and Dr. Zhou Yi of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) China, visited COMSATS University Energy Research Center Lahore Campus on 28th December, 2018 to 5th Jan. 2019, under Joint Biomass Gasification Project funded by China NSFC and PSF. This was their first visit to Pakistan under the project.
During the visit the experts discussed the progress of project works, especially the biomass equipment under development, and checked its design and construction at M/S Turchmir Industry Lahore. They suggested some improvements in the construction of equipment which were made by the manufacturer. The Chinese experts, however, checked the equipment again before departure to China. They had conducted three visits to Manufacturer site for inspection of equipment.
The experts also visited local biomass power plants and discussed the scope for promotion of biomass gasification technology in Pakistan. A special visit was made to Biomass power plant of Nishaat Textiles Mills in which coal and crops residue are used as feeding material. Further the experts also visited Boiler of Pharma-gen Company which was nonfunctional and suggested solution for its operation. Also Koh-e-Noor Power plant was also visited during their stay.
In a special meeting with Comsats Faculty and Industry representatives, Dr Liu Huacai delivered a lecture on biomass energy utilization in China and lessons learned. The lecture was attended by a large number of students, faculty and industry representatives, and appreciated the scope for technology transfer. The experts also had meetings with Heads of Departments and Director COMSATS University Lahore Campus.
The experts left for Guangzhou on 5th Jan 2019.